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Police enforced perversion and aided forced labor

 8 mo bleeding relocate 50 miles

Professional determined parents house has a mold problem as I move back in.

8more mo bleeding 

My mom had a surgery scheduled and days before was following me around the house screaming your abnormal you're weird

at this point I had put aside the hardware projects I had. Project people paid for. Was working on a web server actually at that time SEO for a site owned by a business in my previous location. I had just discovered that the web server he was paying for and the webadmin we're not who they claim to be or where they claim to be.

Like they appear to be by their website a small but growing company in Chicago in reality it was one dude in Milan Italy.

Worst yet he had taken control of the registrar/domain name some months earlier 

He also had php_exec enabled on what was supposed to be a vps (virtual private server. In other words 1 hardware server partition so you have an instance of an operating system completely to yourself)I was able to pass shell commands via editing a WordPress file been discovered they were actually like eight other websites including the Fake hosting site on that server

All the sudden I was tasked with getting the site to a new host. 

I wanted to be doing the hardware projects for the friend and client that had been very good to me even when he stood nothing to gain from it. Marlene had made that absolutely impossible anything I ordered or he paid for ended up walking around like it has legs but in reality what was happening is Marlene was picking it up hiding it throwing it in The moldy basement throwing it in the garage throw it in the trash throwing it out in the rain and the snow.

So instead I end up with a lot more work than I wanted to do for a client that was real friendly but always wanted the Buddy discount not really the best client and I had long ago learned what that was.

except for the eight months Paul and Marlene had been calling him false police reports they would get aggressive with me sometimes while standing in the doorway to the 10-foot by 10-foot room I had no way to even fleet well they're screaming leave most of the time but it doesn't start as leave its leave if I make any valid points while they're telling me I'm delusional and sick for things that they hired an expert and he said yeah those things are very real.

at this point Marlene had also tried to push me over the railing to their basement. They were threatened that if I left my rabbits and all my things stay there as well or Mylene would say we're going to throw you in the car and leave you under a bridge in Minneapolis

Which is really messed up and goes towards indicating she is cluster B because what she's doing there is some summer salts but an advanced form of projecting. Possibly demonstrating the shallow affect as well but throughout growing up throughout my entire life there's been a consistent story she'll tell where her biggest fear is ending up alone under a bridge and poor.

sowell trying to terrify me will destroying everything I worked for it she's telling me they're going to throw me in a bridge and create her biggest fear which one you can get away with any crime I mean it's a pretty fucking baiser fear which is why I said possibly demonstrates the shallow affect. but when those conditions above proof true one has to nod to the fact that Minneapolis can get to -50 and in fact it got to -30 that year or a month into the next

but hey if we allow the police to enforce with great personal prejudice and bias laws that are totally optional but might have funding behind enforcing things a certain way

if we allow personal prejudice and funding or financial incentive to control criminal prosecution or civil the criminal express pass that Minnesota has pioneered what else do we gain?

oh when the world is flat and any state can raise taxes on business so the business with the capital just says fuck you I'm going to the neighboring state we can probably keep health care if we can throw them court-ordered bones and the associated heartbeat until there's not.

Or in other words win police can be like this and the state allows involuntary commitment or whichever party makes it to court first by what Minnesota now says but used to be violence against women's law documents still indicate that they're going for federal grants from the federal department of violence against women so I would really speculate the enforcement of of keys and hrw's really has a gender bias if you were to be able to see the numbers. In other words federal funds transferred to the state for enforcing it for one gender but not the other so it doesn't matter if we allow it to be passed for either because if you can't see where I'm going I really can't help you any further.

other than to say it's basically playing separation of powers between the court and the enforcers in the worst possible way for the citizens.

but I'm also ahead of myself on the timeline. Because for me that would come March 13. You want evidence your parents have dramatic personality disorder? try a year-and-a-half into human trafficking in forced labor You got served with a summons for court an hour and a half away 6 days after the car broke down and it happens on Friday the fucking 13th. With court the next Tuesday morning as the fucking pandemic started. Where is he at and still ahead of myself the forced-labor meant I was supposed to have been out at this apartment the only reason I'm not homeless as I type this was the pandemic. At the time of the Court or the serving of the court I forget now the 13th I had like 18 days the day I was served to vacate and I still have Clyde my rabbit who is a pstd companion therapy animal in the fucking freezer it's really hard to stay on track.

August 2018 is when the hotel's started because I had said with how my mom was acting and knowledge she had a surgery coming up and knowledge what I was doing with the web server would carry some liability or could I said to my Dad hey how about in her interest in line a week or two at a hotel?

The recurring theme is I demonstrate all the way back to when I was a teenager I demonstrate wisdom or reason beyond my years and oftentimes catch things that could have been lethal to one of them or that risk their investments but what they're really operating on is either if it looks like I have something good then they get to brag about it but if it looks like that might achieve my ability to leave them they'll destroy it and blame me and I have had that in the past. They told the cops that never worked there couldn't be anything further from the truth.but the thing is it's all about them their immediate wants at any moment but they're really good at making you think otherwise they're feeling good at trying to destroy any bit of me even having a construct of who I am Edwin no laws are followed or no laws are enforced for their violations against me this is sickness.

During those eight months I had experienced pretty consistent bleeding that started in the apartment continue that their house mold was found at the apartment mold is found at their house see the connection here?

I was trying to do the hardware projects that had already been proven working before this hit contracted paid for work.

I also had started with the mold remediation or mold pro had suggested that I do having figured my dad couldn't even remember his name or get it right when he was there I have to assume he figured from seeing the situation that one I wasn't going to be able to tear out walls or the easy way to say this is he gave me the best advice you could to help me knowing that there was a pretty big problem that they weren't going to deal with or likely to.

fact of the matter is though they got labor out of it for me for free on this too and in the 6300 I quote for the IT services that's not included

but then there was also the $6,300 of services I have performed professionally since 2004 that were rendered for them in the eight months instead police give them everything I ever worked for

August 2018

I left for at Max 2 weeks at a hotel

About a week and a half into the hotel I called their house and my mom tells me not to come around there anymore don't call don't come around here anymore. My rabbits were still there all of my stuff was there I had left for at maximum two weeks

6mo 5 hotels hospital and a mental ward , death of Bonnie rabbit, 14 hotel rooms, car emptied out completely two or three times car swap 2x

license taken from car to make a photocopy without my knowledge or permission health insurance renewal held. All well the police are insisting I have to leave if I go over there

Or worse like the night of Bonnie's death I was trying to pet Clyde having coming home from the vet being dropped at the hotel without even my cell phone because of it falling out and run back over to their house cuz I needed my phone and I needed to see Clyde

Paul sat there in the living room. Lie bringing up she didn't kill her he didn't kill her and I wasn't even saying he did this is the nastiest and weirdest part of that I can't say I know for sure anything about what went on when I wasn't there

I kindly asked him if you could go in the other room or not talk and he kept doing it and then he'd say if it's my house it's my house you sick fucking sociopathic miniature prick pretending to be a person

what I'm trying to say is if they didn't call the police for totally bogus reasons neighborhood either before I left stand in the doorway like I described above they will pick and pick and pick but then you raise your voice and they called the police and exaggerate it to terroristic threats the police have never once seen me raise my voice or anything but calm and are a little bit scared cuz I am being fucking human traffic and the police are helping

Minnesota recognizes oral lease and services for rent.there's a hot line called home line and an advocacy group for tenants they produce a handbook for police in Minnesota that reminds the police of these two things. But not if you're Maple Grove

 I had to drive Clyde up to the vet separately so he could say goodbye Bonnie might still be alive if I had free access to the place that just about still should be rent current with the amount of service unpaid

I do not count the hotels or this forced lease that they picked out as compensation for anything even if I get everything here they come and take it from me I did not decide on any of this I would have sold everything to cheap might do pets even a little longer till they died of natural causes this fucking freak shows take everything from me they try to make sure I'm alone isolated with no sense of self even

as I've said several other places on this site I've been doing it support even for small businesses consulting and even for NDSU but it started in 2004 right after I turn 16 that was my first small business client. In 9th grade the year before I had screen-printing class photography darkroom whatever it's called whatever it was called. I made a business card and put it on a bulletin board Dunn Brothers and Caribou coffee the owner of a CPA office in Plymouth give me a call

A client I had until 2014. 2004-2014.

which coincides with the first time their house made me sick but that's a whole nother story same cause. That's actually when you're delusional shit started from the nurse practitioner that calls herself a mother. One of the biggest topics of gaslight from them was but I theorized way back then it was mold it took me a long time to come to that conclusion but I kept it in a smell that I'd only smelled one other place.. cleaning a house fit by hurricane Sandy a fuzzy fuzzy house. The problem as far as I know because I wasn't present when it was remediated and more was found.the problem was primarily in about 2001 they were about finished finishing their basement and they laid vapor barrier carpet pad over vapor barrier cement slab paint. You can only really make fabrics or anything resistant to mold but fabric and cellulose mold love so even the microbial resistance stuff that wears off you eventually or wears out or is overcome. What they created was an area that moisture is just trap and can't go anywhere

all of this damage to my life is literally over mistakes they made with their house when I was still in elementary school or just starting Junior high. It transferred when the chat we got that same year got sick for the last time in 2017 and I was visiting him off and sleeping on that carpet next to him.

not only does Paul want me to repeat the word slave after telling me he owns me twice and he bought me but none of my abilities with computers that I had a gift for we're not gifted but I had a talent for anything electronic I always have I had my ham radio license I passed a knowledge exam on ham radio and radio theory at age 13. None of that are things they taught me or things they do themselves.

as far as I know their house is paid off and valued at around $500,000 or half a million.

50 feet of wall 1500 square feet of carpet and pad came out during the professional remediation

Type about the devil and ... 
(Their home number)
One of the games they played to make it harder to have an at a glance image of what they do is shift modes of communication. Paul has tried to convince me for about a year that he doesn't know what a text is. Maybe two years now I've lost track I can barely hang on to who I am. Which might have to take the back seat to maintaining a heartbeat. Might already be too late.I was barely eating a meal a day at their house because most of the time it was held to leave battery disconnected keys hitting every time I turn around even if they were left in the room that was supposed to be mine usually they had already taken the keys by the time they started screaming leave so which threatens you in every way we can we're also threatening to have you labeled delusional for our mold problem or they have you forced medicated. A nurse practitioner that is still able to touch your sick infants in St Paul is making these threats knowing full well that she is lying about shouldn't have faith in the medical system if there's no way to catch people behaving like this if there's no punishment for abusing that power because the power is the trust. But with no system setup to report or allow that reprimanded anyway asked myself what county do you have anybody's held liable for anything in the medical world the board of review? The medical board? That probably work great in the days when physicians were mainly doctors making housecalls. Nowadays it's a few big corporate organizations or doctors from them if liability passes through the doctor and can affect the organization there's a conflict of interest in a hand that feeds situation I wouldn't count on anything very much. I've described elsewhere that there's probably some major flaws with how audit trails are handled any e med records.but that's the other terrifying part for me to the knowledge that because of her employment well she's threatening everything under the sun creating false police reports a lot of it centered on having me forced medicated which means the doctor and the knowledge she has full ability to view and modify my medical records. She might not but as far as I can see the onus of looking for unauthorized access to medical records is on the individual organization to implement the policies to even try to catch it. However you might need to hire a lawyer to have access to those records as an individual this system is set up to fuck you over as it advertises improving your privacy. Or at best with setup without any foresight but last I checked most lawmakers are pretty decently to above the average citizen educated.the main component or the main laws that created this situation were created by federal politicians HIPAA was a Bill Clinton thing so when we talk about above-average education in this case that's ivy league education. I guess they just have a lot of brain farts or maybe some of it actually isn't in our best interest as a citizen.

I'll have to finish this later but what I'm trying to do is get to the apartment and the hotel part the specific things they do and steel and triangulate to make sure I'm always dealing with their problem nothing else and that's all I can do
As I was on the hotel stay portion I'll finish it for now by adding after Bonnie's death
I have bought a Ryobi stick vac. With everything described above I wasn't too thrilled having anybody coming to my space even if my space was that hotel room. Or any number of hotel rooms .having Paul and Marlene come to the third hotel take the car from the parking lot after I worked all day without eating I come down and find there's no car two nights before I spent the night in the car due to them bouncing hotels around on short bookings and one hotel filled up. But then I end up getting dinner when the car comes back taking a nap working more going to get snacks come back and I get blocked in by Maple Grove Police 

But then that was the medical the mental ward Partwhere a doctor won't let me have my cellphone and isn't concerned that on my phone is the mold pros email telling me there are problems at that house or confirming it the mold pro hired January and this is occurring November

and I told him just like that because in my own quest for knowledge your thirst whatever you want to call it I took a college psych class but I've also read tons of hours on my own I already knew what delusional parasitosis and matchbox syndrome or so I very explicitly and very clearly outlined I have the mold pro or HHA relevant expert testimony that these things are real on my Gmail on my phone

Dr Boris patients aren't allowed phones on the ward

Minnesota might have recently corrected this but during the time I was held there anything he prescribed he was legally able to get what's known as an RX kickback for. A bonus for drugging the person you hold captive. It's actually a thing by big pharma so they can promote their products that they wish to promote by having the doctors more likely to prescribe them. yeah you're saying you're or you might be saying that well they can prescribe unless they diagnose and there's ethics and see what I said above about the ethics there and in general when there's a little fear of negative consequence for bad behavior but there is monetary incentive possible do you really think that's going to stop what percent of people what time? Some of its personally how you evaluate people in the likely go they're good or bad but what I'm getting at is time and time again this set of variables produces a fair amount of nasty results.

So I did a delusional diagnosis that Boris explicitly said was for mold and bugs both of which I can prove we're very real several times over relevant expert testimony and photos

 I he told me I'd be there several more days but 4 hours later all of a sudden a nurse comes in it would have been forced drugging a few minutes later and all the sudden they mistook the type of hold I'm under I'm going to be free to go where would I want my med forwarded. Sitting in u of m Riverview Fairview inpatient mental ward in Minneapolis Minnesota there's one pharmacy that I always know by name because I had attention problems and I sat help for that in college. So I told her rather than be argumentative oh, I told her CVS Fargo North in Fargo North Dakota some 250 miles and a state I hadn't been for about 5 years of that point 🤪🤣
Look up the case of Dan markingson. Same organization in related information you'll find that many people report the culture of fear if they speak out against it

But what I wanted to say here is the very night I get out Paul sent me a picture of all the work that was done in their basement while I was getting this off of an illegally executed hole and the doctor who refused to see evidence otherwise. They were having it fixed while the engineered this 11 months after it was professionally confirmed basically that text the picture of the basement was look what I can do to you

Short time later Bonnie died

Then all the sudden right after that I've been in a hotel for probably the longest of any of the stay and because of what I was talking about with my mom coming in the whole abduction by officer Hanson which went down as a medical officer hold which isn't even on the books and I had to ask for the form 3 hours in so many things illegal but no one touches these cases is what the bar hotline will tell you
Buenas I didn't want anybody in my space. So I bought a fucking battery-powered vacuum because like twice a week I was borrowing room services vacuum so I could keep a clean room but not have someone coming in and creating or not creating but furthering the terror that is still being enforced in ways I can't even get to yet

I was taking my own trash out to the dumpster even supplying the babes I knew where the dumpster was at the hotel and probably every 3 days walk out there with the baby throw it over the fence into the dumpster but all the sudden the GM of this hotel has got it in his head I'm holding up their hotel room

My dad even though he could have just called at all of them insisted on coming in in person to do any negotiations for longer or to pay the bill in other words the standard stalker predatory behavior of make sure that they think you're always there and watching
Some little birdies let me know that this was going to happen on a Friday or that the manager was concerned

so concerned that he wanted to investigate on Monday

Just in case your sarcasm detector is broken...

in between they had come to the hotel parking lot and taking all the extensions for the fucking vacuum I had just bought.

The same vacuum the ended up stealing March 2020.
I had bought a battery-powered vacuum before that that Marlene took and probably threw away around the time I move back into their house. As she was telling me she's my landlord now

They're technically stole two vacuums three times while making me deal with their mold issue well telling me it's not real to this day or they don't have a mold problem anymore.
But I I can't even I haven't. Where near describing the extent of what they do

But they make so many little things that you have to deal with that they're also ensuring through the boss police reports I don't even answer their mold problem like I bought a folding table to serve as a desk it's growing their fucking mold I don't even have a desk to sit at to try to organize anything necessary for adult life but I do have their mold

the last time we talked he's reminding me that he's probably going to die soon like woe is me and how bad I'm being to him it's all about him it's all about her it's all the time all about them even as they're doing things that kill you that are illegal that risk your life in danger your life in danger your future take everything you worked for they want your fucking sympathy and attention and they will harm you if they can't get it

It's known by psychologist s narcissistic parents will sabotage their children into adulthood

But even law enforcement the same why why how old are you John why aren't you independent or why are you dependent
 I dGee manon't know how many dollars can I take from you before you have to fall back on somebody why are you so interested in everything but crime

Which it's really hard to come up with under that much stress I did insist the night that Rory was asking this I said you have my birthday most of the cops were calling me by first name months before the encounter that I just described. That was like August 2020. How old are you asshole? My best that I could gather was 28 you always make people dependent and then give them shit for being dependent well you're endangering their life behind a badge and a gun? That's kind of taking short man stature to a whole new level of perversion

Hanson does this thing where he's usually the one talking to my parents making all kinds of claims and one night I picked up on it I'm what his problem was subconsciously or what he's doing I can't say what he does on purpose versus where his personality flaws are I can draw some inferences based on observing the behaviors of others around him

190 was reading me the riot act about everything that my parents had told him so when he would pause in his play two tone as I can make it which like I've said several places I haven't even raise my voice I tried to have the dome light on if it's at night I even announce if I'm going to reach for something because I've put myself in their shoes walking up to random people random people that might assume you're about to try to take them away somewhere or just random people like anytime you try to take control of someone or enforce something there's an inherent risk there because you're human too they encounter it everyday

but everytime he would pause between the assertions my parents had made read back as if they were gospel

I would insert the word allegedly

other officers around we're trying really hard not to crack a smile or laugh not doing very well

I've got to assume that they're not going to laugh at what they consider disrespect but rather that I had picked up on one of his flaws or as I say it more recently man that's a nice robe but I could have swore it was the uniform I wonder where you hide the gavel

Or a metaphor for stick up the ass
On the plus side that particular stick would have a nice flared base.
If you were to call Doctor Dolittle the hamster wants pointed out when the vet was about to lose a thermometer


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