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Monday, February 8, 2021

Pondering along the lines of freakonomics

 Would you look up when companies stopped using or started phasing out lead-based seals on canned foods it might surprise you while recently that was

I wonder if there's much data collected on canned food drives

I wonder if there's enough data where one would see a correlation between large canned food drives and domestic violence?

We've known for probably over a century heavy metals but led especially have cognitive effects

An easy way to explain lead is dumb and angry

A terrifying realization is not everyone wants to hurt you but some don't care

Some might even get off on it

The sort of reasoning I just did will not dawn on the majority.

Especially in contacts were prisons become for profit but even in budget shifting government-run prisons that are still a representation of this possibility

But the possibility is there are smart people that don't care if they harm others or would love to profit from it

when we are quick to label anything a conspiracy theory and attached a negative connotation it's even less likely anyone would ever catch anything but the most rudimentary of scheme 

I'm not saying anything was done intentionally or anything of that matter in this case I'm just trying to point out you need to keep your mind open or you might end up unintentionally selling your family down the river and only for the furtherment of others.

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