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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Practicality doesnt matter.

 MN while being murdered its likely illegal to tell someone if they dont stop you will use a device that attempts to split their atoms until they are molecularity no longer whole.  

it would be judge dependent...that could weakly fit an extremely powerful bomb that its unlikely most (myself include) could produce.

but more in line with what was intended. I might have just threatened to use a star trek transporter. MN to boldly legaly fetishize the same Drek that only hitler did before. 

meanwhile im basically tested ...were going to kill you hold your temper while we do. property rights? we have laws we wont allow enforced for that. 

how is that relevant to causal in the state making the crime?

anything from calming effect of art on wall vs not respected criminal law equaling cant cook cant eat many times, white walls, Clyde rabbit in freezer. 

fucking sick judge and maple grove pd. some peoples children... aka its not all their fault, part is they are products of a fakakta system. 

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