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Punishing adaptive behaviors and psychological conditioning

 What I'm talking about is Pavlov's dogs but abstracted a bit and a bit more twisted

you can believe it or not but we are generally a lot more basic creatures than most of us want to admit to or even realize

You can believe it or not but it's still true to some extent. They say the first step is recognizing the problem the second is going to weekly meetings where you recite the dogma that you'll never overcome the problem. 

Between awarding chips there's also  a smoke break. I've attended AA and NA meeting to support friends in the past.

think I got my signals crossed somewhere here...

What I was trying to go for was :

you're more likely to achieve more if you're able to correctly identify your current limits to begin with.

if you don't understand something is more complex than you currently can reason; you might initially not think about the complexities to accurately describe the issues faced. 

How likely are you to accurately describe something like the likelihood a passport in Pocket survives a fireball in a plane crash? 

Well one of my friends who was a nuclear engineer would probably be quick to point out this is significantly influenced by thermal Mass.

 The fireball event is usually brief and the temperature then quickly drops closer to ambient. 

Large numbers like how fast that heavy plane is going actually is close to irrelevant though a lot of people would focus here. Or how hot the fire ball was

But oh my God plane crash explosion that paper passport could never survive...

See what I mean? 

What spurred this post is realizing I haven't read a whole lot of info on the effects of punishing or negatively conditioning adaptive behavior. or the Converse of rewarding maladaptive behavior.

I also need to edit this post further.

punishment can be you do something good for you and felony-level theft or physical assault is the response reward in this context can be your allowed to sit in a little cell and die but you'll be less Disturbed for not trying

yes that a lot of research has actually been done whether or not it's findable I don't know.

But meta-analysis where my brain goes is this is part of why soldiers come back so messed up.

Adaptive behavior that saves your life is often taking another and no matter how good or bad they evaluate their colleagues around them their peers their unit members platoon regimen whatever term you want to apply they might turn around and that person no longer with the living

Which I'd assume creates quite the state of cognitive dissonance. There's no real logic to be had either. 

Why I went there is it's often too useful to evaluate the extremes when trying to analyze causal relations or suggest the relation I'm not saying I know this for sure I wish I did I don't know that I wish that because as it's being demonstrated police will help someone kill you if they want to there's no there's no anything here  it's just hell

There's also a girl on the iFunny app that I'm subscribed to that claims to be going to school to become a psychologist

she was talking about how some specific things I mentioned match up with some of her classes so I'm inclined to believe she's not totally full of shit but at the same time a lot of what she says is  disturbing. Directly and or analyzing context to other things like unequal enforcement enforcement bias and this one in particular has noted or publicly mentioned the fact that she's schizotypal which I don't know how you can expect to be a therapist if you can't relate. Worse yet if you project your worldview over a patients objective reality you probably have a negative therapeutic value. 

but if I can drive anything from assuming that she's probably not full of shit she is in school for it then I can start to extract some of what they're teaching them from what she says

And that's a relief disturbing picture as well. Problem here is it's not very great info because there's knowing what she's diagnosed with whether that's accurate or not there's likely some issue there and everything she is learned is being interpreted through that issue at least to a percent and then refill turd for the issues when interpreting my information and responding

All that said there was still the total ignorable of theft has created a situation where I have been repeatedly starved and she decides to harp on the fact that I broke a car window when I locked myself out of it because I thought the key might be inside.

she generalize that is you're breaking your things and that's destructive behavior. Back to the unequal enforcement though $43,000 of my things plus my health are being destroyed.

one of the biggest dangers is if we let corruption enter edu and it appears not just from her but several other things and a wavering of the scientific method in its application.. often by what's colloquial termef social warriors Justice

Looks like Orwell on a whole nother level because we get generations of people who pursue careers where they think they're doing good but they've been taught that harm is good or not taughtnot to recognize harm . Or causal relation is presented skewed incorrectly or other permutations.

Meanwhile no matter what age you are when's the last time you heard the term conflict of interest? position of power? 

Generalized it seemed as if she had been taught that you drug  firstb it might make symptoms go away it doesn't really matter or you don't have to ascertain if something is real or not.

Unnecessary treatment should be against medical ethics ineffective unnecessary or without any attention to reality as objectively defined should be s..anybody awake out here?

And yes she won't be able to directly prescribed even if she becomes what she claims to be going to school for. But in my experience people in that position often work hand-in-hand with someone who can and that person basically just green lights in a suggestion and signs their name on it when it comes to medication.

Anytime there's a system set with no oversight and perception few neg consequences if any let alone incentive to violate ethics history of seem to show that quite a few people will. What's really sick is if you try to think about what happens when those concepts are in people's heads and they've been taught but these violations are helpful instead?


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