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Monday, February 8, 2021

Safe options in mn, Irradiating ribs

 What I mean is feeding pork ribs to the poor. Actually a euphemism for dealing with corrupt police if the system won't change. all we need do is make 911 and non-emergency numbers a pork rib delivery service. Some external skills may be required.

order fast in a town like Maple Grove of 71000 people supplies are extremely limited in 55 officers

Because being non violent and working my ass off would have got me somewhere if not for the profiteering life endangering respectless hearsay enforcing human life compromising 

Those meddaling kid... Er police acting potentially in the interest of fedral funds for state and furtherment of career at expense of life.

Maple Grove Police force or did I substitute an o for an a?

I don't even have Hogs. I do wonder if that would be canabilism .

Since it's unlikely I could afford or store such hogs ( and that much wow.. so doge)
But I am stored alone in an empty tourcher cell with Clyde rabbit in the freezer there is an alternative 

No I haven't gone extreamist Muslim and I probably won't sing folk tunes about how it's a wild world. I just liked the reference.

The alternative is actually it turned a $20 solution to produce x-rays. But I'll get to that in a minute. I mean it's might be somewhat dependent on your read speed and the deficit in comprehensibility that Google transcribe is.. I was going to put something after that but seemed better that way.

But first why would you want to iradiate anymore

One of many based or historic definitions for why have law a(over a free people)or how it creates order is : s

with concept anyone harmed may seek vengeance 

Provide alternative path driven by ration and reason not vengeance.

 Or have the police skip even a trial and throw knees instead of hands or even bows. Then it's still demonstrate it anyway because the reaction to the action was the citizens burn a presinct and Rob a target 

Admittedly the first one made a lot more sense than the second part.

But all this allows special interest groups and the media a healthy portion of brain suds fracturing the population and narrowing scope on who experiences  injustice and or what it is (yo) and putting a curtain between realization of how bad it is and a public operating largely on a forced false diachotomyto create the division. It just stalls everything out creating terror and likely eventual collapse but tangent as hell

but along the lines of the meme and question for Harm  enforcing police officers...

Do you check your window sil nightly? Bombs are a bit cliche. Now a compact neon transformer hooked to a vacuum tube to iradiate you slowly with x-rays.. that sounds like the bomb. And only about ten bucks worth of kit plus probably 10 bucks for the extension cord.
Trying to paint a picture of the illusion of protection is what this is

This should really highlight the absurdity of the civil to criminal express passes as well. They cover the image of violence, fists explosives guns and scary words about them. There's a huge range of ways to harm or kill. I don't want to do that I do want this insanity of a system that does real harm on hear say accusation one is a communist, witch or of Jewish faith dismantled. Err whoops same shit different decades. 

I once knew a female med student who suggest if the was inclined to kill someone she would put legionnaires in their ac.

But the current Scarlet letter insist that anyone who makes these claims in civil court is a victim of victim of victim victim victim we can't question the victim there a victim why would you question that they victim punish the offender.

I'll give you a hint to who gets the gold star or the red letter this time..
Does it have a penis? Now you're most of the way there. 
Unlike Pokemon games (on Gameboy ) no matter what you do there's almost always enough PP left for that maneuver. 

Although it's a cloak with in a cloak because if you pay attention we're slowly walking the definition of domestic violence to only include violence between members of a couple and doing the same with family.

psychology is known for a long time. Freud around 1900 first describe narcissist as far as I know like the full-blown NPD kind he also described what they would likely or do acting on their children

Yet man or woman call the police on your parents as an adult and at least in Minnesota it doesn't even matter if your female and they choke you to the ground the police are unlikely to do anything about it. I'm speaking for someone else's personal experience there.

The old adage before we got hyper focused on race and gender was economic means determined fairness of the justice and enforcers.

but hey were a lot better at PR now so we can probably make it so it's pretty in just most of the time but if we keep the focus on certain demographics and the marginal amount of Injustice they might experience rather than the total amount and which way is trending..

If a serf is abused in the forest that's not how that one goes..

If a serf with a compromised BBB and punctured ear canal is emersed in a tub of media influenced bubble bath brand opinion then what is a meta for? Damn almost had it that time. 

If a serf puts a sign on a cave that says free candy and a boy's socker team ends up trapped then Elon musk is not wet when predo files suit. By extension of this police separating you from all your tangible assets while encouraging someone else to create a legal case that on average would run $10,000 isn't Injustice probably reasoning along the lines up thot very very wet either. Germaine Greer and little boys though I imagine that's pretty liquid. Que Ron white and things that make u go ...bleh.

Also gender equality from an egalitarian standpoint described in an illusion to a delusion. it was pretty ballsy that iron Man flew down there to try to help though.

I'm trying to play with the odds that you're judging me either speaking gibberish or having a point and a bit of ego perserving attitude. 

Bust you accuse me of being a try-hard I assure you back in 2005 I was making jokes about rye bread and witch-hunts that's just how my brain works. It also has this enormous potential and easy memorization of things like song lyrics but holy shit when it matters on a test....also I figured out at about 24 years old that I probably have dyscalculia. Left to my own devices I can design incredibly complex systems coding

on devices as in some amount of ability to manage the environment than doing anything in organizational habits and related personal property and manage my diet I mean really excessive things I'm asking for you but put me on an NDSU calculus test and take away even a basic calculator all the sudden every little trick have had to compensate and all confidence goes away but now I'm racing the clock so despite an understanding of derivatives and integrals has calculus has not been an accomplishment.

Teach myself prototypal object orientation and Scott closures in a week that I pulled off despite the NDSU CS curriculum not even having mentioned what prototypal constructs are or that they exist.

  I could probably be somewhere right now but a degree isn't supposed to be the only path to that 
the terrifying reality is no one really gets anywhere if hearsay allows you to be put on the street with nothing no matter what you do do not do work at or don't.What's even more messed up is muammar Gaddafi understood that but we don't. The way we execute things here is almost entirely in line with making that synonymous with people. Like there's a purpose for property tax, it was supposed to be to prevent underutilization of the land resource. But in practice the mega wealthy can pay those taxes on things that sit vacant 4 in some cases now like 70 years on huge valuable properties where how long does it take for your average homeowner to lose their house? But I'm on one hell of a tangent now.
.I'm really not sure why I worked at all though. I'm sure I want tobe doing something to give my life purpose I need to be doing a lot of things I'm also sure that people committing crimes against me and the police refusing to address that crime crimes terrorization stocking but standing between me and recovery of the assets is not only making a lot of that impossible to impractical but also conditioning failure and creating an enormous amounts of waste. What's more wasteful something manufactured across the fucking world sent here I demonstrate I can use it to make something somebody else is willing to pay for but my dad who says he owns me gets it and just make sure it rots?

Police are helping someone continue to steal anything I make .
Helping someone steal things I need to deal with the problems they force on me. All of the above for someone who is poisoning me

Back to the train to play with how you perceive this dyscalculia is likely some deficits in working memory to be honest in the sarcastic metaphors above
 I lost track somewhere in that last one of if I kept everything lined up.

 I'm just going to go with it because that's a tactic on a test when uncertain between two answers. 
go with what
seems right at first guess don't overthink it.
Also works for centering holes that you intend to drill.
over think I'd go by off.Obviously a Jig and or measurement and markings  are ideal but maybe you're at and NDSU calculus test and for whatever reason in the modern work environment you won't have access to even a basic function calculator.
Or another word sometimes you can't go with ideal

maybe the police Minnesota decided it's not yours based on someone told them a lie and then they decided to go all in on it when it came to light it might be otherwise.

Better things happen in this cave than the police are likely to do to u if someone lies to them in Minnesota 

The police in Maple Grove (as a whole ) make the guy or gal parking the windowless can labeled free candy 

Look like the pintical of moral behavior 

They say soon Hanson will have mastered head shoulders knees and toes and then try  will   have what it takes to cross train
with Minneapolis pd

Or maybe x-rays attached under the drivetseat. The current requirement on the 12v side would probably allow for someone who drives dailiy to continue to start the car with out having the complication of switched on seotcj2d off and or why's the car battery dead

It would make me about as moral as the police. Extra judicial 
executions using disease.

Possibly still more Marlene was dragging black mold and aspergilis into the NICU children's st Paul. 

My actions and realizations helped stop that the police had no concern

I really still like the auto turret idea but x-rays are cheaper or making cars go rud with Danish Kings teeth and a fly back.

Way less intensive projects for whats left of me and how long I have 

In the town of Minnesota police will enforced incest torture murder and human ownership to cover misconduct

Funny things is how much of their time I may consume with checking window sills . I pick locks. It's under your bed 

Special thanks to everyone invovlved wirh any apt that has a power outlet in the closet 

Wonder if the mg station has any outlets by doors mainly the police use. Fun thing is it appears that desitn was replicated in other places in the state. Ie I don't have to Snoop the mg gov center to find out

I want you looking over your shoulder. You Rob and kill people 

It's not that the police are evil or all bad either. The issue is infact if most of my educated guesses, inferences and observations are correct they are a slightly skewed twords sick but otherwise normal bell curve of morality.

Then policy and tradition/police culture get applied and it nullifies the end of the bell curve that got in it to help people. At best they can numb the trauma of the corrupt. 

 These are my words but it I read the happenings of mold city console correctly and it is as it seems they have noted this Or along similar lines 

By the teeth of a Danish king.. I haven't lost my mind nor was that supposed to sound like a euphemism. It's just the most battery friendly way to trigger a RUD.

King of Denmark and Norway. The skandanvian tie in would be rather fitting . Dontca know.

Mounting a jar of pickles might be the ultimate joke. 

WTF? He was trying to make lutefisk.
 Probably doesn't work with pork. But the vacuum tube method might make the meat usda-certified. 

Feeding the poor with rib racks


I would have to imagine that would only worsen the prion possibility
but that's a lot of conjecture and speculation on my part it's not my normal domain

One thing that is less conjecture

Police or anything with power over citizens and lack of external audit and review will always interact with human nature in a manner that produces dead citizens incarcerated citizens or labeled mentally ill citizens when what really happened was a cover-up

We can do better. But not in the current climate where not even a psych eval is required

Also unlikely when the state gets fedral funds off civil cases resulting in criminal charges for violation of civil decisions

Combined with lack of oversight or external audits reviews or complaints

It likely furthers if not secures the career of any officer who abuses citizens

The system has been set where there's incentive to provoke

if you don't understand what I'm referring to check out the federal office of violence against women and then click grants on their page.

Ofp and hro likely collect such fed funds on violation

The devil comes when the police tell you all of theft from the person who has one is probably civil or their decision to a year-and-a-half before one was applied their decision to not care if there was possibly a lease or payment agreement making a valid lease but hey you're on the street or you all the sudden can't touch anything you own a human trafficking like conditions for you forced labor just to have one of these applied

Oink oink you fucking human slave traders

I'm typing this on the toilet what's coming out has more moral fiber then that department

Note, Clyde's condition improved when he left their house as well. Before any arm chair or actual malard duck at Riverside .. the vet noted the legions and a bacterial infection in both

The other thing the vet noted was how calm they were with me. If you take a look at the pics I take and look a bit deeper .. cosmos is a good example. I get down at eye level and look or frame a shot in regards to his level and what he's looking at. 

Some of you reading this or predatory department in over citizens might have lost mirroring and empathy or never fully formed a mental construct of what others are. 

I can't speak for you I can for me. It ain't me and I haven't hit anyone . I'm getting the shit kicked out of me in every way one can define it 

It's way easier to hit with a method above than a court case. I'm unlikely to survive that long and it's about 4.1 years of work and save do nothing else to afford that 

Mgpd : held mail to produce trauma? Nah but we will take you on an illefal emergency medical/mental hold.

This is the photo I had in mind in the paragraph above. Cosmos used to require a leash outside. (Before I left for NDSU) walking with him I often noticed he would go behind me and sit down back facing me. So I'd sit too keeping my back to him. I assumed we were hunting (in his mind). Can't say I know for sure. I can say that between year of absence or only a few hrs seeing him.. he always purred in my presence and gave the double eye blink and squints that cats use to communicate affection.
His last day alive. He died in my lap about 15 hrs later. We were waiting for the vet to come  with the shot. I told him to let go I love him. About my biggest regret in life is not insisting I just took him out on the hill.

If you want a strong argument that Maple Grove Police can fuck you up in the head for life that was 2017 I haven't had any time to grieve this nor the lots of my other two pets that were pstd therapy companion animals

I have had forced labor and the police enforce the position of power to force the labor

Police refuse anything but ordering me away or threatening mental hold as Paul and Marlene continue to steal stalk and terrorize 

But officer Hanson is the coup de Tete (as well as cup de Tete)

Insisting that they owe me nothing, insisting that given me enough telling me that if I accept anything from them they're always going to have some control

Logically this deduces to if you claim to have given your kids a Christmas or birthday present after they turned 18 officer Hanson will let you execute them

Power with out accountability not only produces bad it produces mind fuck

But hey let's let civil judges court order people to corporate mental health services and prop up and industry in the state because of it

Why would anyone want to hurt anyone with such a just world?

Mgpd truth 8j advertising: we help people kill their sons pstd therapy animals 

Reasons to call Maple Grove Police in Maple Grove Minnesota :
  • You need assistance human trafficing
  • The person you claim to own won't listen
  • You want to keep posioning sick neonatal patients
  • You like torturing animals and need back up
  • You resent your son as a man and want to destroy him for your mistakes
  • As a retired seiu vp you need help forcing unpaid labor 
  • You stole and want to retain your son's bike like a playground bully

Any of these are excellent reasons to call the Maple Grove predatory department. Ctw affiliation may be required. They're probably glad to help. If a female is involved and domestic can be laid well there's financial incentive to help the terrorist

Maple Grove predo department
Maple Grove Police farce?
Maple Grove Police Ave a mission statement:
Maintain a culture of industry leaders

Maintain a culture derp fuherers of the industry?

 all I did there is insert one value judgment and one direct translation. I'm pretty sure Hitler's youth was based on a culture of leaders as well.

The other component of that program was extreme traumatization. Man it's almost like Americans don't experience that as teenagers.

Worse yet there's this study called epigenetics 

Not only does wiping one out physically and financially well forcing extreme trauma but excessive prolonged stress can activate the genes that combined with continuing trauma can produce mental illness

And all of this lowers the odds that any given person is to reproduce

But these changes might be possible to the next generation if they manage to.

See heritable epigenetic changes if you need a reference. I'm always open to correction if you can point out why something is incorrect or provide a sorce that defenitivelt does. What I'm not into is appeal to athority with out any reason behind it. Or those that discredit based on FEED ME FUCKING SOURCES OR ITS BULL. no it's not worth arguing because there isn't enough time in the day if you can't take a name of a concept devise related terms and hit something like Google scholar.

Sometimes I get the feeling people of the cluster b variety use this to cover their psychosis and brain damage where it's offensive to suggest you know or can do anything they can't. 

I long ago realized constant loop of is this person quantity or tative than me ...with or with out at subject
Is a waste of time as a mental process. Learn to evaluate based on could it make sense and in listening and learning plus looking into it you will end up at least knowledge wise ahead of anyone doing the NPD or BPD eval and rage cycle.

Doesn't matter when police then help them kill u or rob u blind. 

Paul Wuethrich in 2018: know why I'm better than you John? I don't lose my cool.

He had been trying to goad me with everything under the sun including telling me that he stopped giving my rabbits vet perscribed antibiotics cause they seemed fine .

Something clicked in my head. Usually I conclude testing is immoral but there was a juxtipostion to danger to my rabbit friends. Non distructive test... Picked up a wicker broom(hand held) slapped it against table . He closes the distance yelling leave and shoves me.

The realization In my head was along the lines of there's likely no distinction to him between life and personal property 

Also when I had first moved back in he felt the need to try to fix a vaccum I jammeded and said I would the next day. It goes missing. I find it missing pieces and some time later he blames me for having to buy a new one. He took it apart and broke it. All he had to do is ask if he could watch or wait and I would have happily shown him the bits of engineering related to plastic construction relevant to doing that with out destroying it. Little thing the cell/art phone cpmunty calls an opening tool. A lot of plastic crap is held togeather by a plastic and square hook on one side and a tab on the other. Opening tool is thin metal with a handle of some sort. Shive between and pop them free.

Also magnetic dry erase mats to lable screws are a game changer 

I think I have a right to be a little angry here I've got some power tripping probably cluster B Sargent in my face telling me based on hearsay what I deserve what's mine and what's not. He might further his career by doing so because of financial incentive federal government to State and not only is he risking my life he's risking my entire genetic lime heil Hitler you fucking son-of-a-bitch

I put a full clip in your semi auto and play Russian roulette do the world a favor

I wish this guy lived in mn. Also an example it could be worse:

The guy in that video... if made the victim of an hro or ofp; would really highlight the obserdity and destruction of laws based one feels threatened.

In the past I've said it seems that as cowboy bill you can drive to civil court and now the person down the well is labled abuser.

Or you can as a female probably be stabbing the person during the hearing and it will be rolled outside the scope of the case.. but why are u making her feel threatened sir?

I got 4 days notice a year and a half into human trafficing and forced labor. With 20 days left to be out of apt. The forced-labor on The moldy car had upset the landlords.

Police were still helping Paul and Marlene hold onto and in many ways still are destroy $43,000 of my personal property by my best estimate. August 2018 8 months after I moved in the change the lock randomly ever since it's been ordered around based on threats to me my pets and my things

Paul and Marlene filed these in a court an hour and a half from the apartment they forced me into

+ 6 days after the car had broken down.

when I say you could literally change someone in your basement and file one and probably win it I'm not joking cuz the conditions aren't much different.

Thing to point out is there are like 2 women's  legal support groups in this current city 6 or more in mpls

Trying to find a lawyer to help a male with an abusive. Battering theviving mother who also posions ..crime to create dependents and destroy earnings then claims abuse..

It's another way inequality hides and we all hurt

The most compelling evidence is not that abuse is based on gender.

teaching your boys your little boys not to hit is probably abuse

children of either gender or anything you want in between the biggest influence the most decisive thing there's actually two. It's what they make of their experience in their mind growing up and what is a witness growing up. How they're treated plays Aurora but the thing is neglect can be just as detrimental as outright abuse.

Nothing is more wasteful than if I end up dead
I'll try to work this in better later but even after filing the ofps  Marlene and Paul continued and continue stocking terrorizing stealing felony amount s

Meanwhile I have their mold problem and possibly bed bugs in an empty apartment with Clyde in the freezer.

if you look on the nav section for how I used to cook I can't do that without my kitchen stuff I don't even have a place to sit and eat that's other than the bed that I sleep on
the amount of time I've been subjected to starvation and malnutrition is probably exceeding the Minnesota starvation experiment of 1944
Crimes have been committed to force this
Their actions also constitute psychological conditioning of terror and hopeless helplessness

I don't deserve this nasty shit
If you go back far enough on this blog I believe I have a call of Marlene claiming I deserve it because I'm a man

so if I end up dead disabled permanently disfigured remember that the city of Maple Grove and Hennepin county 4th district are totally okay with Robin torturing stalking forcing labor force in human trafficking like conditions and labeling the person that happens to an abuser
and the person that made the claim said it herself I deserve it because I'm a man
High School and start of college more but throughout life I've had quite a few relations
Probably the sickest thing is if I die today the last woman to touch me would be my mom trying to shove me over the railing to their basement

you wouldnt find a single one of my ex girlfriends that tells you I was physically abusive with them.
Emotional abuse is harder to quantitate but what separates Me from A lot of people is I'm more aware of what it is and I try to make an effort not to.
you really can't stop something if you don't know if that you're doing it or what it is

Which goes back to message that women are always the victim
The danger is when we allow mothers to do it to their children sons or daughters were normalizing it if we do so under the belief that only boys do it to girls or men to women in any form

All we're doing is driving an industry that labels one person pretty much a DOT over another and supports social workers the mental health care facilities the courts the lawyers the police and the prisons
This is a really sick society we build

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