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Monday, February 1, 2021



this was sent to me. It's from the year 1995. Aka it's not entirely wow how did he call that but he still had it earlier than most and a pretty good read. Cancle culture disappoints me. That's probably what he best predicted. NPD dage to BPD tipping point ? I would say the rates for that generation are alarmingly high.

The thing is it's probably like population growth because I can still start of escape it if you have someone that you can talk your thoughts over with or someone who kind of understands and isn't messed up enough where they will contribute to creating it you need that reflection point though and to be pretty emotionally intelligent yourself but even then I can't say for sure but I'm at a loss for words I might have actually die from this but I know plenty of people dead inside

and the higher the rate dips I would assume the more likely it is that kid gets the narcissistic injury or enough of the neglect because even borderline but they're all kind of similar route guys in a crappy genetics is what we think it is as applied it can easily amplify if there's any way for stress to kick it in order to burn it out right activator deactivated a heritable change. Genes don't decide complex behavior except they might influence the percent likelihood or discussed it before burn out how much it takes for circuits that burn out how much they can withstand those jeans active might make it much easier for the narcissistic injury to do it and this is all conjecture but something is seriously wrong

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