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Schrodinger's Minnesota law

 Minnesota's current attorney general says in Minnesota

 "if you work hard and play by the rules you deserve to keep what you earn" or something along those lines

it says this in a blog post where he further is it with in Minnesota we prosecute folks who steal from other people

There's a gaping hole in this statement actually more than one but... We have police that have almost no oversight and enormous power to ignore the written rules

We also seem to have unwritten rules that govern whether or not paying Force any crime

How do you play by rules that you don't know ahead of time? It's kind of like Schrodinger's promise of protection you can think you are but until it comes down to it who knows if you're alive or dead we're going to see Justice versus death in the gutter

But hey on the plus side if they can paint you as crazy and you make enough commotion you might end up imprisoned in a mental ward or temporarily so just because they wanted to.

But try a definition of paranoid as a justification once the person realizes that with no justification the police can abduct them.

Also the funny thing about unwritten rules is from the perspective of the average person who isn't privy to them how do they guarantee the rule even existed before it's being use?

Esoteric gotcha law don't worry we're here to protect you though sometimes from having a heartbeat. But you got to work hard cuz work will set you free. If not there's always a Minneapolis officers knee. Funny how when you come by and judge jury executioner and police officer all in one it still costs more but only if you happen to be of protected class and even then it might require a riot

Worth noting if you get athlete's foot does a course of lamisil make you immune for life? Well some mold can produce toxins that weaken the immune system, starvation and malnutrition over extended periods have been demonstrated to do the same

I was told January or around January 2018 get away from the mold you will get better. Giving away from anything is kind of a function note income or assets liquid a double cash on hand or ability to generate it.

when the police can separate you from everything yours based on hearsay claims good luck finding any misconduct case or liability case let alone in a civil case anybody brings potentially as they're breaking criminal law to harm you but police refuse to enforce it.

The average Minnesota working minimum wage by my calculation if they do nothing but work rent eat sleep drive repeat has maybe $200 savable every month. That's really not very practical to suggest someone needs to do every time save $43,000 is stolen from them.

if the police refuse to enforce it you can go to civil court accept if you look up the price of an average civil court case it's about $10,000

4.1 years of savings if you do nothing else
43,000/200 is even more depressing
215 months or about 18 years

and that assumes the party stealing from you stops but when the police so much refuse to suggest they cut it out...

Well if there's no perceived or actual risk to punish illegal or immoral behavior not everybody will do it but the world isn't black and white there's a percentage portion of people who will

In scenarios where there's potential gain and lack of consequence negative that tends to increase or trends towards higher

But hey there's a solution for that as well just make sure the police don't allow it on a report

but that 18 years is pretty interesting because when the party with kelis help stealing it is in threatening it if you don't do work and work faster is more basis for violation of theft law but on top of that

an 18 year sentence is being issued if you don't comply and it's a hell of a position of power. Again it also does nothing to punish the illegal behavior let alone even suggest that those parties maybe don't do it again or again or again.

the labor they want it done was on their moldy car

one of the pieces of property stolen was a full face 3M respirator I had purchased when mixing acid to etch circuit boards

It took three months into the 9 to have that backmeanwhile ability to threaten had forced me into a lease in an apartment in town they picked.they also stole $6,300 in services which something like 42 months of rent. Or if you subtract the market rate rent for that City and the size of room I was in for 8 months it's still a felony level theft after the rent of 8 months is subtracted.

I noted the risks of contamination of the living space during the threats of clean our mold car or lose everything end if you don't do it faster maybe all your stuff gets donated recycled disappears isn't here.. 

How I normally cook

my normal diet would be ideal for a lot of things health-wise.they gave about out of my ass I don't even know 20 different plans for how I get things back including kitchen stuff while refusing to even give the storage location until a month before the lease was up

Some 6 days later my only means of transportation the car broke down. 6 days after that I get served with civil ofp suits that they filed in a court that buy cars an hour and a half away knowing full well I had no transportation and was stuck in the town they picked out in the apartment they picked out in a lease that was up at the end of that month. Knowing full well that because the landlord was unhappy I had to clean their moldy car here I had already been given notice to vacate.

That's hard to do when police help someone keep you from even your kitchen stuff and when your pstd therapy companion animal is in the freezer and the other one who remains we're sent address to you via USPS which is supposed to be federally protected but Maple Grove Police don't give a shit but will throw you in a mental hold or emergency medical hold against even how the laws written.

Then flash forward a bit and wanting a felony level theft or rather the confession of on a police report well all this is occurring is grounds to threaten another emergency medical hold rather than allow the confession on a report

In Minnesota we prostitute victims of theft and ask them why they don't work harder would have been a more accurate statement

But even that doesn't cover the poisoning aspect or a general health aspects that are only enabled by ability to retain personal property. Or the fact that Minnesota law at least as far as theft is concerned groups or explicitly defines personal property as part of  theft at all levels I can see.

what I'm getting at is in some states there's a differentiation between personal property and real property. Technically the police squad car would be imaginary property I really doubt the news whatever report that an imaginary squad car was stolen

In the world or possibility that they did report it like that it might go from funny to terrifying when you realize no one understood what that meant but no one was concerned that the police were upset over an imaginary car being stolen.

Cue those 3 notes in western movies and a tumbleweed and it's all happening between two ears. B

stay tuned through the break for weather and sports!

What I'm feeling to work in but intending to is if you need systemic antifungals they  carry a huge risk of liver damage that's why they're not giving out like antibiotics.

And with the point about lamisil in the athlete's foot what's the contamination through forced labor of the only place I have to sleep and then they even stole fucking vacuums to make sure I can't clean it but the point is I can't do anything for general health and even if I took the risk after it was determined I needed them I would come right back to the empty torture cell and what caused the infection in the first place all of this could be an argument avoided if criminal law was enforced without her party prejudice by Maple Grove Police

there's evidence that what they're doing could be a scheme to rack in federal funds.

The other factor is from what I can see there's three police federation locals there's also three SEIU locals in this state an organization called change to win or ctw binds them and my dad by my estimate was VP of one of the SEIU locals for about 25 years before you retired so I have to wonder if there's some recognition going on here. Recognition of everything but the value of human life if it is going on

When words don't work in positions of power are exploited to cause harm. If we not only follow the Constitution but literally enforce and mandate police having firearms there might be a solution as long as having firearms is as depicted above.

Otherwise what I think we're heading for is this claim that there's no confidence in the US anymore. Which will equal re-evaluation of our debts which really appear to be to the same entities operate in another countries so I collapse will be the biggest fallacy of the fallacies but speaking of the phallus there's a disturbing trend that it looks like we're going to be known for as that happens

Funny how like 20 years ago blink-182 was singing about the state looks down on sodomy

Now police are ordering anal probes throughout the country

We had to pick one hell of a unique way to go but being unique doesn't always make you useful. envision a wooden axe head . Sometimes it can even be dangerous 

Once you enter the state of Minnesota though your ass and your pulse are Schrodinger's cat.

your odds of seeing Justice even with repeated criminal violations that endanger your life are probably like the odds of plugging in the USB flash drive right the first time. Except you only get one shot and you can't look at it first

this trial may or may not happen while that cactus is being inserted by a Maple Grove police officer


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