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Shut up and die slave. A Minnesota story

 As I've been discussing there's likely some indication that police in Minnesota have coordinated with civil courts in Minnesota to exploit Federal funding for certain arrests

if you find yourself the victim of this you'll also find that after the civil Court decision that happens whether or not you're present and you probably. At maximum 6 days notice you'll find the police will not allow any prime that the person who made the claim against you committed even on record

When you realize that this state also has involuntary commitment

and the DSM doesn't have objective criteria for every label and there's very little oversight but very much government power granted to private organizations that would then be holding you

You've established a framework where there's no escape or they can get you one way or the other

. I wanted to go with iregardless there. I want to hurt two people debate whether or not there was a use for it and then found that that debate is online as well I can kind of see areas where it might not be covered by regardless or without regard or be quicker to express something but I can't quite logically make it out yet

I mean killed anyway I don't really care if tangents come up. In fact at this point the best tactic might be just get one's dick in a beehive and hope the ensuing chaos offers a lateral step with a forward step after

One thing I can promise you is my heart will go before my mind. Or rather my least in the absence of anything like a stroke or a lobotomy but if you try to give me a lobotomy you better expect if I can even get that strap loose there's going to be a corpse everybody who enters after until I'm exhausted is probably going to end up the same or until someone has a gun

The really wild part here is the more that it's demonstrated true experience. these powers that be like the police and the state government can really do anything they want the less crazy the statement above was

For example Elon Muskhas the starting of a space empire if he was to be concerned about asteroids hitting the Earth that would be an adaptive behavior and one you could do something about it would be a good use or something he can use his available funds to actually influence

Versus somebody living in a box spending all of their time and income concerned about an asteroid hitting the Earth

but this is the darker version near we're not only have I been abducted for 3 days in ways that did not fit any of the laws on the books. Only to be released because the hospital itself said we mistook what type of hold you were under. Which might have had something to do with for HIPAA violations pointed out in one day and the first organization I was taking to I figured there's strong odds that I'm not going to have my cell phone this whole time maybe I should use the internet on it to look up medical law offices and make a paper list. So that same day I was playing those out other than attending optional coping meetings or therapy sessions I was leaving voicemails for medical Law offices I don't know if it would have taken one or that you put together but that probably had a strong role in the decision to all the sudden release me.

on the transfer between the two places the EMTs even told me the equipment that we can't really see why you're here will make sure to note to the ward that you were exceptional in our care. Whether or not that happened I don't know

but the really sick thing is no one is checking with the doctor calls delusional or holding him to any bound reality or her for that matter. About the nastiest I got was still calm and informing one of the doctors or nurse I never even checked I had figured well if I'm going to be here for three days I got this paper list just in case it gets worse and I guess I'll take a nap cuz I've been work past where I should have been nearly to death for the past 3 years and everything is being destroyed so hey maybe I'll just take a nap and then she woke me up in a little bit cranky I told her to consider adding jail key to her CV

I must be speaking in tongues if you don't know Latin I should have used the whole thing I'm starting to think when you're this fucked anyway just find the ways to maximize the apparent mists of the insanity in the system instead of you.

But for those unaware :Curriculum Vitae

Resumes are normally more tailored where you might select what is relevant to the job you're applying and a CV is every job you've ever done if I understand correctly. Which is funny because at the time I said it it was a concept that was only aware of because of watching the BBC and it came up in a few episodes and my mind it started as a synonym for resume. I just looked it up now to offer that explanation but and use it you said dry absolutely nailed it also oh wow I'm starting a riot but yeah that was the extent of how nasty I got. You wouldn't find anyone from that hold or associated with it that would truthfully tell you that I was anything but calm and collected

In fact 3 hours in when I was asking for it the sheet that made it official having figured hey I know hospitals I used to visit my mom at work this is a bureaucracy bureaucracies fucking love paperwork there has to be a sheet

But I asked doctor have I been anything but calm and cogent and is there a sheet that makes us official or a form

She had to contact Street or my best assumption is that's what she did because there was a pause where she tried to figure out how to answer and then answered you've been fine but we're keeping you anyway I'll be right back with that sheet

through the air gap under the door when she left there was a war drummer of sapphire only room the way Maple Grove hospital works usually you enter patients enter through one door staff is through another door there's got to be a hallway back there or office are you ready room whatever there's a big air gap though and her colleague was sitting I think on the seat where he could monitor me but was probably doing other stuff too cuz two times I talked to the TV and all of a sudden he's asking what I'm saying and then I just indicated I'm talking back to the TV and he laughed and that was the extent but under the doorway she says to her colleague as she walks out the room 

Ha he uses big words.

cogent I knew because it is my primary thing in long ago I thought it was a funny word and looked it up. Those who know what I'm talking about already know what I'm talking about but cogent communications is what I'm talking about. Ironically doing so in less than cogent fashion but hey you try this much starvation and stress actually I hope you don't unless you're involved in this then I hope you're fired like out of the cannon at a brick wall

End rant I wish that worked for torture risk to life utter chaos but nope someone claims to own you police will help them do it

actually along the lines of cogent. Just about everything on this site was entered through my Android phone and getting the transcribe or speech to text button. except having experienced everything described elsewhere with what I referred to as the mallard duck because my ego can't take the bus ability that a medical doctor would do what he did...

well when there's that level of insanity I kind of have to wonder along the lines of what spurred this post well hey let's just pretend we don't know how inaccurate transcribe can beat but but absolutely nails it because it's bad to shut up and die

Between crooked doctors and word salad. That really doesn't sound like it would fix malnutrition. I'm sure it would be useful for something along these lines though

Fun fact did you know the state bird is the loon?

Do you know what happened to Dan markingson 

I'm starting to get a pretty good picture

meanwhile the corporate aspects of psychology are pushing to further a new diagnosis that's a lot more explicit than defining anybody who suggest in any way that people in the system might be out to hurt them

with nobody really checking with the doctors do in this situation it's pretty bad already. Trying to further loosen criteria is not a good sign. But we might be heading towards even if you can make the distinction between the likelihood that the system is laid out in a way where there is monetary incentive or might be for not acting in your interest despite claiming to do so...

Even if you can make that distinction you might still end up being labeled with the condition above. because with no one watching the doctor suggesting what something might be can be easily recorded as you suggested something is. What's really sick is every time that happens you're totally creating that as a reality. But still to the individual most of the time they aren't out to get that person but if there's a price for doing something to you a certain percentage of people will do it and might have work together to do so.

Swindle scam protection scheme order for protection which is like a 69 but with two fingers up your ass shit George Carlin ... File under things that work better in person or as a video. (Ability to match tone and cadance to allude to the reference), file under demonstrations of comprehension of perspective that won't be recognized if this is used against me lol. In that case also see the round file for your self or let me guide you. The correct answer to anyone insisting these are nessicary evils to knock down the pop growth is : apres tu. With an absent accent I would have to search alt commands for later or switch keyboard languages.

In a system where the police can lie to you and or unlawful orders and you're only way to deal with it is contest in court

Are you to make a quart or with anything needed to prove anything when those can be unlawful orders to not enter previous roof over your head we're all of your personal property is being held and destroyed?

Where you are given zero notice that you're moving out 8 months after you moved in everything you had of value and your living pets

After relocating 50 miles to a place that you haven't really lived for a long time. Which is relevant because where's your social safety net with that? But officer abomination I mean Hanson

Even rub that in adding: don't you have a friend's house you could go stay at?

When you factor in that medical corporation's have lot of wealth and more than enough to pack up and leave a state

You start to realize what andy stern said on top of it the race to the bottom..

But you can only cut taxes so much on a corporation and your neighboring state can do the same

In other words why not throw them a bone to get them to stay

And that and violence against women law the federal grants offered to States for certain arrests

Combined with the police ability to separate you from everything unlawfuly

Combined with zero external oversight zero external organization to complain to with any hope of if being addressed in a time frame that you won't die on the street in Minnesota exposure of exposure in Minnesota winter

$10,000 for the average civil case

They have you over a barrel if they want

They might even have incentive for putting you over the barrel

over the barrel is not a place you can afford the defense to unbearable yourself

There's no real guarantee you can when these things are true to any degree. Because if you can't hold on to anything but you need those things to stop harm let alone prove maltreatment mistreatment any any claims made against you that need disproving

Already started the define the problem or the inescapability of it

Meanwhile people are in this projected dichotomy projected by the media and EDU

And you hear things like a society that won't educate its warriors and doesn't let it's scholars fight is led by cowards and fights with idiots or something along those lines

but I think what we're missing is your cluster B any one of them and there's evidence some of them are transmissible by nurture and Experience

Everybody ends up that much brain damage to the point where they can't see from your shoes as they take your shoes from you

even if they can logically see it they've somehow justified doing it anyway because you probably deserve it or justify not coming to your help because you probably did something to deserve it

But then we talked about how some demographics had it so much worse I might still have it a little worse so they have to have all of the focus

And not addressing the things that probably caused all of the above but what we start to paint there is and and that's much like the story of Babel

not being able to truly conceptualize who another person is or what another living being is and how they might feel the same and or different from you or experience the same things for different reasons or the same reasons any permutation but not being able to do that you don't really understand their rights you can't.

When you also can't feel from their position it might as well be not understanding their language

To explain the tag mallard duck. The mental ward u of m Riverside uses all first names or staff but I also noted titles are on the bage.

To attempt to stay sane I have to or rather joke that MD Boris must have been a mallard duck because if clinical ethics is a thing a medical doctor wouldn't have done what he did

It's kind of ridiculous because the most cursory of search will reveal their surname.

Considering the population that deal with not just their mental States most often but also income in amount of time we really start to limit anybody's ability to review them


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