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Slavery reason ed


I see an immediate issue with modern definitions and it might not be clear to everyone it just dawned on me.

Especially in America slavery was never a one-person affair

 the modern definitions try to define it as such as one party having all of the criteria or it's not slavery.

 Now you should logically argue that they all belong to the one person who was on the title of the land or one person in the family but I think you're already in the land of disingenuous more so some of the tasks of keeping slaves alive we're probably done bye paid labor when they couldn't trust other slaves to do it. It said that some of the first police in America were private organizations tasked with returning escaped slaves

Any attempt to say that one person today is supposed to meet all criteria defined or it's not slavery is a pretty revisionist and or disgusting definition at best disingenuous

Top of my head one of the criteria was all from the property definition anyway was can a single entity deplete the person that is own Ed

Like you might drive Samuel into the ground or truck or a piece of machinery Lucas tried the value of it made it unable to work or dead

The mule is perhaps the the most relatable but an oil change isn't far from the same thing. Vitamins nutrients rest and recovery from hard work started applying if you can do that to a human or a mule

I actually think there's parts of this that would work well to protect from it today obviously not on their own

But nothing that fails to recognize police separating you from all of your assets and forcing physical relocation without a court involvement is going to create a free person we seem to be washing over the definition of what wealth even is.

But work will set you free

Or more specifically someone being depleted varies a little bit on genetics determining how much of any nutrient they need a little bit on how hard they were worked and a lot on do they have the monetary means today to obtain the vitamins and nutrients they need to be replenished

Humans mules and jackasses that try to obscure bringing back slavery have another potential way to be depleted it's infection which also it's crucially important that you have the fuel your body needs to run the immune system just Google scholar malnutrition or starvation and immunodeficiency. Do not be fooled by a lot of the papers will talk about with other underlying conditions. You can find the research under that even in those articles but they've been done on their own it plays a significant role and immune function. If you look in for the studies in poor countries which I don't even know what that is anymore cuz well life is as life does but that's the point

We're not equal because you say we are and then define systems we aren't. When the police enforce deathI don't care if you think it's small-minded to allude to the Nazis it's still a fascist death March it might be small-minded because we make what they did look like child's Play

Especially where illusion to prevent disillusion alluding 2 equality that isn't there Andalusian to satisfy the need to have a good fight. Pick your side gods and guns or gays women and black.

I wouldn't draw any conclusions about how I feel person writing this based on not using the word homosexuals or anything like that what I was trying to do is illustrate there really recursive and how they create the hate not all of religion hates anyting some of it and it's largely depending on who's your source or what flavor of church you go to some of its way accepting others way judgemental but if you zoom out and look at the gist of it especially from the other side it's targeted at perpetual war

It's polarized and now that the censorship is heavy we have everybody thinking that the entire population is supposed to weigh but you're fact-checked and the news isn't

Worse than that if I'm to believe someone would was a canceler

Chancellor? Lol cancel culture flaming lesbianwell her ba in English taught her that effective arguments often involve appealing to emotion and attacking the other side

That could have just been what she got out of it or what she took away from it it could be that the professor meant to indicate no such thing but that if that's the case they're basically teaching to argue with logical fallacies. you can't really have an argument when that's considered your logical argument because it's a logical fallacy and then you just debating emotions

But you can feel I am Darth fucking Vader out to kill the Jews that really won't make it true you can feel that me having feelings hurts you you can feel were equal within that framework well you argue that because you have these feelings you need to be able to kill me for equality without logic 

We're bet we're right back to you better pray to God that we get it back

Because here's a story from those times note how Babylon or the people of Babel went down cluster B personality disorders might as well especially couples with this type of Doom...

if I am arguing with all feelings and emotion and tactics to paint you and other people's emotions that's bad what's even worse is if I literally can't because I'm brain damage from abuse put myself in your shoes and feel what you feel while doing it and you me is even worse

John Oliver noted in a joke history repeats itself if you don't learn it and that's especially hell for those who did learn it

the neurotypical with enough logic to come to these conclusions is in the same position

Meanwhile that person and their little posse of I saved violence and flaming because they're literally the part of the left the violent kick your ass lesbians that are buying ars

My biggest defense was suggesting that we really have problems deeper than Police use of force and I think you can't have racism without the road issue of cluster B disorders which enable a lot of bad things for everyone so maybe like I'm for ending that I don't want that to happen I don't want that to happen more to black people but I don't want it to happen to anyone and there's a lot of other bad associated if we don't look below it

That's all it took for me to be demonized.

Because right wrong nothing in between they don't if they are borderline even they don't have that construct of what another person is in relation to them and inequality to them they literally cannot promote equality because they don't see other people as people

The right has a meme circulating where it Snowden Hall people who happen to be black have tried to "own" or reclaim "nigga"

Which I don't want to go into the hole tra and who can say what but if you're going to argue that I can't communicate a topic you already lost any argument that you're doing this for any good of equality and a 10 there's a lot of bad things when you start to silence arbitrary speech because of how it makes you feel

But the funny thing to write noted either from the top or generically from one of its followers is between black people it's n***a what or what up N*°°a 

But especially for white women my nigga 

Which works on a lot of levels like what's left of conceptualization of others + the Todd message that women and blacks have it the same plate the type message by The revisionist who yeah there were any qualities there still probably are there's also a lot on the other side that have been created by short-sighted attempts to address problems that sometimes weren't there. Sometimes they were the problem is letting idiots right law for problems whether there or not there's a reason most of us know nothing about law especially in the old days it was written by the highest of educated people of leared people.

Which is really sad when you think about it because all it took was instilling the brain damage that becomes cluster be for them to ensure the slow transition back to the dark ages

But like the joke that white women are into black men that's not the one in meaning for what I'm aiming for is you really do own people if you can't conceptualize them as actual people with the same rights and feelings and range of feelings and rights to express them as you do and when you do that on gender lines it's the same thing

Unless you can show me in the brain where it's different almost everything I've read Gibson no indication we are the difference is that are there are like this is 0.0 x and they're not always there at least for cognition is involved there maybe and I haven't read up on this in quite a while but they're likely is differentiation or dimorphism in some parts but the best of my ability to determine and at one point I was really looking for those answers is most of what we see is culture shaping it the whole one gender to gender a patchy helicopter there's not two genders there is two genders actually there's two sexes but my default gender doesn't exist. It's an archaic concept that served a little bit of a roll at one time because physical strength yeah now we are talkin maybe a 30% difference so it really did make a lot of sense that women were weaving baskets at one point or doing the whole house work while the man was plowing the fields especially when that was behind a jackass now we just stand behind them together one party or the other and vote ourselves to Oblivion arguing over delusions on every angel and brought to you in 4k

Because that's all you have time to do between working and we forgot that you can't have any class mobility if there's no way to retain wealth there's plenty of ways to take it even without the police now able to do what they can do. They've been able to for quite some time but it's definitely escalating.

And the tie together is it's usually done I'm domestic violence bases which was not much different than a star of David or Scarlet letter

AKA who are we demonizing today because Brevard Boogeyman there's a person behind a curtain somewhere people aren't archetypes people are or at least start out as a full range

I'm going to be no range pretty quickly here and not for my own doing.

One more little bit on cancel culture and racism those people that get violence on either side or no good but when you don't see other people as people and have damage that limits your ability to cross connect concepts or to even generalizing cross-linked let alone see from another person's perspective and feel from their perspective..

It was once known that the basis of racism was often people Miss attributing problems meeting a boogeyman

Because what you can't argue truthfully is most white men and white women in the South were not rich.

They were probably better off than the slaves but when slaves were freed it got pretty close and what happened there is the paid labor market was all the sudden flooded with people across the nation. Note the use of the word people there.

It's not entirely revisionism but it's a hell of a selective scope to ignore that to bury that and then sometime mid 2000 increasing now the message is racism is white-on-black sexism is men on women but not in the other way you could interpret that because that's always rape you can have stare rape without being near a staircase but this came right after the message that one cannot trivialize rape off forms are rape or heinous God it's like getting hit in the head with a sledgehammer and then the person smacking you doesn't realize that they just did severe brain damage in York even trying to stare at them or had your eyes focused on them but they felt that your glare was raped so probably should hit you again right? Yeah there can be uncomfortable ways that people look at each other I'm not going to deny that but at the same time you're telling half the population what to do with their eyes while in public you don't see the problem with that? But you will see the problem if I tell you to shut your mouth because you're a woman. you just told me where I can and cannot look as a man even if I'm not looking at you. I doubt anybody emotional over this is going to realize the fact that see if I'm sitting somewhere I can be fixated on a point off in space in my head not actually looking at the point where my eyes are pointing well if I'm zoned out and somebody else with their own autonomous ability to move their body ends up in it what's the probability they noticed me right away versus look over and now I'm staring at them right yeah I'm it's it's pretty simple huh like no casualties of war no unintended victims unless their victims that are your demographic and cod this is really fucked up

I caught on iFunny which is largely teens and twenty-somethings that some school teachers have been asking their classes do you think it's a good idea to implement a curfew for men to cut down on rape?

The worst thing is this turns the police into the gestapo and or the bully because health come take all your wealth away and these external groups are largely influential over everyone's thought or at least how they identify problems or potential what's going on because it's browbeating you can't escape the message and eventually creeps into people's minds and what's really the problem is there's no healthy message coming from any front

So even if you have identified what healthy is it's being eroded everyday it's not refreshed by the sources that I haven't seen one that consistently even tries to push anything healthy it's always the same Shrek from one side of the other
That was supposed to be a d r e k but will do with Shrek. Or we can end on his slightly brain-damaged cousin rumor has It it's the Chinese intellectual property theft clone but his name is shart wreck

Shreck wasn't really in a real timeline but kings and queens were back to the feudal system still if you are paint Shrek white and place him in America.. interesting that Eddie Murphy played donkey. Especially with all that talk of mules

The decision to use donkeys or mules

isn't my words that's to the best of my ability quoting from a document released by Yale

and of course this is likely a coincidence not anything planned but the thing to remember is nothing rules that out either at least nothing presented Earl said out what's really dangerous is believing that anyone who uses their mind and suggest an alternative is a crazy conspiracy theorist that's akin to telling you not to think just consumed. The same people are the ones that teach our deal with emotions as well they're probably narcissists as well or cluster B of some sort

there's a known tactic which is accused the victim of what year victimizing them with

kids generally haven't developed it yet but they do sometimes play games with each other and sometimes less than nice

I'm an only child so I had to learn this but there's a trope that I everybody will probably recognize because it's on mass media

You know the two kids in the car and stop hitting yourself or the one that's doing the hitting usually cries real loud at the end with he's hitting me or he hit me.

Or she or any permutation maybe even inclusive of rotary-wing aircraft

Well if you get a little loose with concept and stop hitting yourself becomes instead of moving the other person's hand it's the hit is
Anyone suggesting alternatives is a crazy theorist a conspiracy theorist

Wonder if that's coming from the literal group that conspires against us


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