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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Smokey the mpls 90s bar bear says (I should probably make this a reoccurring character)

 Only you can prevent injustice, kill a cop

His bro says make sure you extingish the fuenral pile if done in a forest 

I still think 911 feeding the poor would work better 

Maybe it's just 2 years of Clyde in the freezer.

Maybe it's Sargent Hanson helping seperat me from 43k of my things 0 notice and refusing to ask the abusive party to buy a pizza while I was days hungry something like 10 mo into the human trafficking and 9 of forced labor

While the remains of Bonnie are threatened

Some times I can't fathum a way to cut someone into small enough pieces while alive 

I mean just police who helped steal felony amounts of labor and human traffic people while forcing more labor and covering more felony theft. Covering attempted murder by the wofw of a retired seiu vp.

Why is that possibly relevant? Both the police federation and the SEIU are under an organization referred to as ctw or change to win. As far as I can see there are 0 controls to keep cronyism from factoring into police torturing and executing a person. so if you don't want to believe anything I'm saying I implore you to ask the question what prevents it?

If there aren't enough police to go round we could use their family members. Prefferably first and after qudrapole amputations plus chopping some vocal cords .Super glue Bond skin instantly so we can make sure they watch.

Record each one and record the human potato being forced to watch it over and over until their own death

Release it online and it's the sort of thing that even the most honorable police officer is now probably likely 2 shoot the corrupt cop

Expecially if you could organize something more like one officer from 50% of departments across the Nation missing

the real trick is the remains that you're not feeding to the poor they need to form a :-) when deposited in dumpsters on the map

I only intent to make the sicko feel as helpless as they have their victims but let's be honnest. Much like police issued justice. The type of trauma have been through I wouldn't be able to let vengeance stay external to the process

Sick o fucking ass hats. Actually I can't think of a way am ass. Hat could kill someone I apologize to the ass hats for the association

Minnesota's civil court judges want to order someone to counseling maybe do it to the police that are participating in human trafficking and felony-level thefts in the people that need counseling will then they have the time and the resources to see it on their own when the sick fucking cops aren't murdering them

Sadly compared to biz and within the Forced  dichatomy the party that should have your best interest in mind is government. That fails when lobbyists and term limits plus mass media enter the equation in a Democratic republic

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