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So Quiet in here

 Other than the 60 db worthless exhaust fan its so quiet you can almost hear Paul and Marlene perversion and efforts to murder at play 

You can Certainly hear the police assisted human trafficking and slave labor. Its audible in the absence of sound. Like sound from my surround sound system, TV, Personal property required for preparing a Meal 

Or me overheard telling Bonnie and Clyde I love them. You can occasionally hear me scream their names. For a while after I realized police were absurdly serious about the absurdly specific anti violence language in law you could probably hear me screaming at paul that if he doesn't stop killing me ill make his house an EPA Super Fund Site. You wont hear power tools, they stole though. you wont hear police allowing a record created even with confessions of felony level thefts. you wont hear of equal under law other than the lie that you might be. 

you wont hear my heart beat much longer even with stethoscope to chest. 

highlight insanity with practice absurdity. then watch them reveal what the system is about.  problem is no one is watching...

thats ok, its still better practice to remind someone you can make them a radiological disaster or an EPA Superfund site than do what evolutionary biologists theorize evolved as a way to prevent physical confrontation (verbal threats) 

but as per radio logical disasters and EPA Supper Fund Sites:

any officers wanna get a two fer here? your families? Id just like my shot at life and health, what i worked for and my time taken restored here. Instead police and the state keep calling the parties that assault poision steal felony amounts, stalk terrorize in ever manner known to humanity..state and police keep protecting them and not allowing reports that dont fit the narrative. 

if say, many of the players were to be dealing with radiation sickness, I probably wouldnt have this issue of they have more disposable time, income and demonstrated ability to break any and every law against me while their alleged words i might have said something are like the  beeze fucking kneese to maple grove police and family court. 

only abusers could design such a system that makes no attempt to veryify truthfulness while it cloaks its funded in part on arresting me. 

 That cant really fix how Bonnie and Clyde rabbit got the shaft. you can act to make it right before you kill someone who didnt ask to be who worked his ass off.  For all the shit i say about rorey (and lack of desire to capitalize) He probably makes a decent description of someone who didnt ask to be and or worked. linkeden says one job. 

seems like economics would call this a compatible good if one or dark light...what ever bringer above bellow/jerking it to an ai generated hotlist at an NSA station. If what ever power it might be is looking for /accepting substitutions in this human sacrifice: 

id even offer sargent hanson half off. 

you pick what half. 

it would probably help quite a few people stay free from harm. if nothing other than the fact he might be a highly energetic 2 part mixture and as long but someone is allowed to separate the bianry compound and they are stored in seperate containers theres less risk of misconduct to outright murder of citizens by maple grove police. 

gota finda magician to help with that in half bit though. wouldnt want it to be deadly.  

The current legal system is slavery. as well. ill try to cover that later though. It sums up as unless you or hanson is cracking a whip and or murdering, why should anyone work to have everything they earn taken?


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