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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Something I missed with breezeblocks

 No it's not Sargent hansons face. 

Although I do think if one needed or wanted to forcefully attempt to place a breeze-block in that particular location it might at least on the micro-scale in part a difference.

 on the macro scale you're likely treating the symptom of a larger infection. To be clear I'm talking about swinging a cinder block at a terrorist. If you think terrorists can't hide behind a badge well... The SS begs to differ.

I made the joke in the past that the kindergarten teacher is out of gold stars today but we do have to Harry Potter lightning bolts as a pin.

What I actually missed in my analysis of that song:

It's the fact that the brain damage that causes the cluster B diagnosis probably leaves someone without the ability to self-reflect

Which is what creates the real danger

Breeze blocks

When hazing gets smokey

If esoteric is your thing

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