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Monday, February 8, 2021

Something to keep handy

 If they ever manage to disloge hansons head from his ass and wish to avoid a shitty situation 

Things that happen when power has little oversight or accountability

there was a pretty big case I think New Mexico maybe Arizona that I was about to try to link but then I know that there's a bunch more when I googled it to try to find it

People are essentially being ass raped literally by the police in this country

I think the first officer sentenced to the dildozer might send a message that stops that behavior among the rest

Maybe Elon Musk would like to contribute a donation from the boring company to  American restoring American justice and restricting unlawful orders or limiting them from daily practice

If not I've got the 10 to $20 a unit proximity rud device

Not much bigger than a pack of gum easily go a week or two depending on configuration and poof no more cop car

Also enabling don't come near me and no one gets hurt

if I personally do that route I've decided I'm definitely attaching a jar of pickles as well. As I explained a realized earlier today the forensics examiner might get the joke about lutefisk in there somewhere

Especially with the Minnesota Scandinavian connection and the dental work of the Danish King that enabled it

If I went that route they would find my body not a live person to label cop killer when reality was the police were killing him

Think about it though cops can pretty much tell you to do whatever and what are you going to do about it if it's not lawful?

If they order you away from even your shelter or your roof over your head when it's legally paid for? Look look he's coming out us thrown to the ground take his cell phone we're going to let you go without charges

when no external oversight regular audits reviews or even external complaints boards exist .

Nothing keeps you safe from this except some of the officers aren't like that

But positions of power tend to attract people who are that sort of fucked up

The military requires psych evals police don't

That want to catch everybody but it would be a good start.

I don't know if it's still taught but we were taught separation of powers, checks and balances corporates have paid for research in psychology and sociology and the more modern version of it is controls on systems.

Accounting calls it third party no conflict of interest audits and reviews

Conflict of interest is a pretty important term to put in your mind and keep their because unless we work towards avoiding that state law enforcement and civil courts are bound to get more fucked as money gets tight. Minnesota and violence against women law nationally has created these odd blurs

In order to help victims victims victims which is actually defined as women

And further defined by going to civil court claiming you feel threatened

or another words no criminal standards of evidence going to determine this case. Basically claim you feel threatened.

Now she can keep stealing from you keep stabbing you you won't be able to have a police report made but if she claims you came near her when she's allowed to go near you you're all the sudden the criminal

and if I understand correctly it's decided on the basis of did you violate the civil order not was anything there ever valid

You're a witch Harry time to burn you at the stake

if you look on the navbar either above this page on the mobile version or on the right on the desktop version

There's a section I intend to make a bit more legible soon

But in it I've described the basics of how to make electric arc on command from low voltage.

We can't have a society with this big of a power and knowledge difference if we hope to maintain any equality sanity Justice there needs to be at least some fear in those who either rule us or govern us of us.

I think the modern trend is they believe PR propaganda whatever you want to call it plus the lockdown of the media

Will enable them to do whatever they want

What's scary is that might be true

But if it fails the other outcome there among many but the other highly likely one

Is a total dissolution of any power structure for a long. Of time within this nation total collapse.

the BBC redid the Stanford prison experiment and that applies here or rather their findings

because as conditions get worse or whatever the plot is but it sure looks like a lot of people are talking about how their needs to be less people. If you're a history buff you might remember there was one nation who somewhat recently tried to outright exterminate a lot of people in a very mechanized way.

Now we're more likely to do it with foods that if you eat them you'll be dead by 40 because they're not actually giving your body what it needs to repair

But it looks like they want faster yet and if that's true what will or what they hope keeps the peace while this occurs and keeps us distracted is the fact that most people get everything they know from corporate media

It's highly likely that your radio casters and your news anchors at least on a local level probably on the international level really do want to be delivering news to you. They don't I would hazard a guess that most of them aren't in on anyting. But what we've done is spin around what concepts like news are we basically take what was really effective from a guy named Joseph and we've added about 10 layers to it to obscure it and it's distributed so it's coming from five different angles but with one of them being education you'll probably never recognize it because you are taught that we don't do that and this isn't that

Kind of like how you were taught we outlawed slavery so it ended and it's done

Well we outlawed drugs too.

How much money is spent enforcing that? How's that going for them?

How much is spent on making sure people aren't slaves?

How did they actually define slavery how does your state define it?

Anybody home inside?

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