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Stolen vacuums, filters and forced poisions

 Figurative and actual for the last bit. Wasted cash ruined lives. Conditioned Mal adaptive behavior by people likely acting out of a deep seated fear of abandonment and masked superiority complexes. Damaged emotional response until conflict is all they feel.

This becomes more than a psych problem when law isn't enforced equally.

When standards of evidence are out the window and police and states play separations of powers to the citizens loss (such as ofp and police claming all theft is civil) and the actors making the civil claims with criminal reprocutions are the parents 

We start to define slavery and incest destruction.

Paul and Marlene use their mold problem like a bio weapon but on top of that try to force Mal adaptive behaviors

Condition might be the better word.

This apt is a key demonstrator. As is right before it.

I have bought two battery powered vaccums over the last 3 years in an effort to both keep cars clean and keep myself from bleeding at the corners of the eyes from their mold problem

The second one the Ryobi was also in an effort to be able to keep a clean hotel room without having room service in there everyday.after the eight months at their place and constant barging into a closed-door and what preceded it I had zero feeling of privacy it wasn't anything about not wanting room service room service is normally nice or having the maids come in at a hotel but what I needed was privacy because I was and still am being subjected to insane levels of psychological abuse that border on torture.

they stole the vacuum before the Ryobi I don't know what happened to it, I'd assume Marlene threw it away.

Then they got the attachments for the Ryobi right after I bought it and all the sudden the general manager of that hotel wants to see the room because he's worried I'm molding up the hotel room. The timing was beyond likelihood of coincidental and Paul had made sure he was physically present at the hotel's to pay bills when a phone call would have sufficed. I was stuck at them because they decided to change the lock with zero notice and I had pretty much what was on my back

but then I get the attachments back and eventually they steal that vacuum again throughout my dad has insisted I always keep a pig pen car and a pig pen apartment

And the truth of the matter is if you can steal anything from anybody at any moment and repeatedly do so fuck you

2017 apt turned shop. All of that is on the 3rd floor sans elevator.

Before human trafficing vs current (plus forced labor)

My 2015 apartment

2008 apt

my bed after 9 months of forced labor on mold car under threat to everything mind including Bonnie's remains the bed that I'm currently typing this on

Minnesota police and courts enforce it puts the lotion on its skin and it gets fucked again

No seriously Paul claims to own me

I indicated as soon as the threat became clean our car or lose everythingI indicated that this was not safe this would likely contaminate the apartment without the budget for the gear I don't know if I can do it here this is not a good use of my time if you give me the title I will sell it and scrap It whatever beater I can get. This is while holding onto $43,000 of my personal property I was separated from with zero notice. eventually it did contaminate the apartment which is why my bed looks like it does why my scalp looks like it does.
 you look at the pictures for me at hotels

 just as the doctor said get away from the mold and you will get better.

April 2020 they stole
Compound miter saw while I was in the middle of modifying what was the floor dryer made into a HEPA air filter rendering that useless

This was the original configuration after I modified it I was in the process of making it accept a larger filter

At one point my vacuum crapped out. The level of effort I went into to try to maintain... Have you ever torn apart of vacuum and repaired it? 

His response after snow blew through the car January 2019 does turning what was a minor irritation into gas on a fire from the mold. I had realized the hotel might have surveillance footage because it was pretty obvious he had made sure that happened

Maple Grove Police of Maple Grove Minnesota participate in human trafficking cruelty-to-animals forced labor felony-level theft and sadistic torture

Sergeant Hanson is the ringleader


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