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Monday, February 1, 2021

Temporal play of constitutionality

 If the police can order you away from your personal property or your real estate your real or imaginary property in reverse order respectively...

I would think at least the intent of the Constitution not that shouldn't be done without due process is kind of violated by the decision that one must obey any unlawful order and take it up in court

Not to mention there's impractical practicality if that's something like your car.

If you just moved to a state or just relocated within estate there's a possibility you don't have a Friends Network to rely on

The way the law is being enforced and some holes and how it's written

Or interpreted through later Court decisions

Leave you or rather create the ability for the police to essentially kill you

Another gaping problem is the lack of enforcement over the enforcers. Accounting requires external audits because conflict of interest is something they recognized. With police the department handles the report you might have submitted against the department as a whole Minnesota took it a step further and made it possible to file criminal charges against the person complaining if the department finds itself innocent or its officer innocent. I think the language is something like unfounded. But just like accounting there's a major conflict of interest if any liability is to be enforced or any of their actions or words

And without limit or oversight this creates the possibility we're not only did they order you to the street potentially on a -30 degree Fahrenheit date where your average survival time without a coat is 10 minutes even with a coat at 10 minutes you might be looking at the loss of limbs due to frostbite

What's it worth working for anything when you can be separated from its zero notice possibly by police order?

How likely is it you can even get away from that? Let alone file a report or launch of court case?

Business school teaches that things that businesses buy are a store of value tangible assets. There are not as liquid as cash but maybe liquidated back to cash.

somewhat State dependent but also known to have been a problem maybe still be a problem in Minnesota is civil asset forfeiture has allowed police to even take cash without charges let alone trial

I also read claimed somewhere that Minnesota's public pretender oh I'm sorry public defender the program is so underfunded that it's been ruled unconstitutional. I haven't had time to fact-check that if it's true it's all the worse

Because police can also decide that they aren't going to enforce anything at anytime or on a party basis. And even if the law seeks to prevent that it's really not going to happen if the police police the police the concept of third party external review or audit of police actions would have to be implemented for any reasonable assumption that is not happening or happening a very small percentage of the time.

if you find yourself in a situation where another party is violating criminal law against you and they use the police and falsified reports it's hell on Earth. In my case at one point the police verbatim if what you say is true we might be liable.

Unless you're going to argue that nothing the police could do regardless of legality is able to prevent someone from reaching a court 

I think it's hard 2 in good conscience say the system isn't terribly broken.

Because they're supposed to be laws against signing another adults name and opening their mail or expecially opening their mail and signing their name.

They're supposed to be laws against accessing their online accounts I'm not sure about Minnesota state laws but I'm absolutely sure there are federal laws against this. The problem is the FBI wants only to bust big crimes committed at big levels. I called the tip hotline and trying to suppress a laugh when I said one check the reply was sir I'm disconnecting the call

But what this comes down to is even if you have money if no laws enforced as I've described above someone can leave you without anything while the police robbed anything you learn or allow the other person to continue robbing you

It takes money to even hope to get on a bus to make a court case

It takes money to attempt to leave this incest hellhole.

As I mentioned it's most likely to hurt those who just relocated. There seems to be this push to re-identify or rewrite human trafficking to only include sex trafficking. Which is part of human trafficking and needs to be illegal. But it already is. 

If you read the federal documents that define human trafficking it's recognized that when someone relocates babe lose any social support network. Or what you might think of as a friend that'll give you the night on a couch or a week.

Combine that with the general danger of police can order you out of your house or out of a place that you might be renting but they can just pretend like that's not the case...

Again what are you even working for if you can keep nothing you work for and one person or two people's claim is enough where police will endanger your life

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