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The self eating snake of Minnesota Justice


10000 USD.
a gun can be had for $600
Even at the current price of $2 per bullet it's hard to argue that one isn't more cost-effective than the other.

If used before suicide or police ending the ordeal it starts to seem a bargain 

I left out any, or. above because I pay attention to my statistics and quite a few readers are from Europe. Other parts of the world is the point.

Or in a system where the way to maybe end police and court harm brought by a third party is to hire a lawyer the above also holds true.

What makes it self consuming is the violence potentially to end terror is then spun to strengthen the poorly to maliciously constructed legal system that created the violence 

In a little bit of research I've been able to do it was once known by law that part of the purpose of law over a free people was to prevent vigilante justice by offering an alternative path for those wrong Ed

This was also how long I was supposed to create order. Minnesota and many of the states have fundamentally broken this

Furthermore as I found out police have the power to selectively enforce or not enforce just about any law in Minnesota they almost break about what they're doing. The purpose of police is supposed to be to enforce criminal law. I ended up looking up certain Minnesota laws and limits or numbers associated with what level of criminal laws being violated. They will tell you everything is civil while trying to paint domestic. At one point I explicitly told Sergeant Hansen $1,000 ham radio is being destroyed which place is it felony-level theft of property.

I'm also the only member of my family with a ham radio license.

he responded it civil or it's probably civil and we couldn't determine ownership anyway

FCC part 97 has a part about not possessing a ham radio without a license Minnesota law has this thing about anything that can tune police radio inside a car. You're not supposed to be able to have that without a ham radio license. So another words with neither of my parents possessing a ham radio license if it belong to them it was illegal to pick it up and it's illegal to get rid of it. I mean he is a sergeant not a detective but Jesus Sherlock are you fucking retarded? Or did babe The talking pig literally get sworn?
did we all lose our fucking minds to the point that we think authority without accountability is going to produce good results?

More so how reasonable is it to expect anyone can make court  to contest an unlawful order or stop events the police refuse to enforce that violate criminal law and also endanger human life?

What's the practical point?

That 10k number in mind. At min wage in MN and after tax take home is something like 1100 a mo. 
 rent likely and an electric bill if renting 
transportation of some form and related expenses 
You might be looking at $200 that one if they did nothing but eat and work could save every month.

 200x12 is 2400 USD a year or a little over four years of savings. 

as I've experienced several times thefts of well over that and well over the felony amount of Minnesota won't be allowed on a police report.if I case this also included tools that I've used in the past to earn above minimum wage.

Minnesota is slavery do not come to this hellhole leave it if you can


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