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Thursday, February 4, 2021

The youth get it


A great demonstration of how their still more agile brains can connect the dots even if they don't have the language to express the why

Here's a more expanded definition of the same

These words are from the precursor to Black science man. Some would argue  the less pompous version of sci man. other than monkey see monkey do as it relates to pop culture. skin color has nothing to do with it.

What I mean is if monkeys a full rainbow of colors are watching TV or listening to radio well... Gold chains and bling... As it relates to likely outcomes if monkey identifies or comes to the conclusion that this monkey looks like me. White monkey that's just a bigger problem because NASCAR isn't much of a ideal to aspire to either.

Monkeys of the whole rainbow are in trouble is definitely certain. The last time I use this as a reference the response was how racist I am. Like Congress I have an answer to that I'm going to pray for us and end it with a woman

but even that is just influencing the likelihood that one swallows their own head as Dave Matthews once put it.

Special thanks to the friend who sent me this(the pic above)

For those unaware those are the words written in 1995 by Carl Sagan

Interesting because the main source of this as far as I can see died about the same time 
 at the age of 103 

That was Sigmund Freud's nephew father of modern PR and propaganda his name was Edward Bernays

It's worth noting here at southpark point it out and as far as I can see the only disservice that show has ever done to us as a whole science can be just as much dogma.

The difference is the scientific method if followed and as it was laid out is one of the only things I can see with the intent to produce an unbiased understanding of the universe around us.

Divide and ...

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