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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

There are no controls

 What's more of concern to me is you never see these stories on the news

Pretty much zero to stop a foreign national from doing a lot of damage if they were to even get into the police force 

especially when mass media controls everything that we consume or know about people we do elect.. u.s. is heavily compromised

We cannot have police with no oversight from external agents or entities capable I guess you ain't unlawful commands outside of any necessity to even back them up later with no oversight that can easily prevent you from ever reaching Court

There's things like people fant to do that as some sort of attempted argument

history has repeatedly shown idts systems are made poorly and people can abuse them there will be a percentage of the population that abuses the hell out of them. The amount of power that those positions have is the only thing limiting the amount of damage they can do

think about it cops can allow someone else to repeatedly steal from you after abusing you mentally and physically

And the only thing you can do about it is go to court what if they steal your car what if they steal what you need to eat huh are you fucking brain-dead

Shooting them on site would be safer than letting them in

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