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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

There isn't a point other than 45h district and Maple Grove PD help couple terrorize son to desth

I haven't hit either of them, 

Paul shoved me 

Marlene tried to shove me over the railing to their basment 

Marlene slammed a car door on my leg 2019 then calls the police on me .

Paul and Marlene Wuethrich use the polcie and courts as an extension if what they bdoth tell me : I get what I want when I want 

Perverse emotional incest the death of my pets, 6.3k services rendered over 8 mo living there for negative let's just call it 50k. Plus or minus..

Loss of my ham radio liscense is pending because I don't even have a table to fill out the renewal on let alone printer 

Loss of credit credibility and health. Loss of all friends and clients. I've got texts where people mention Paul and Marlene sabotaging directly.

Loss of health, inability to regain it if I can't cook and or be rid if their mold 

 Theft I'd computer with  my portfolio on it and memories dadtinf back to 2001. My most recent resumeseveral thousand in legally liscensed aodteare suites. With it went my mig welder and compound miter saw. This was Paul and Marlene's idea of fuck you post ofp.

Aka April 2020

Fellony amount stolen before that and it include my id. I'm not sure I would have been allowed in court. Paul and Marlene mailed my id back though


They likely have traumatized Marlene's sister my aunt Mary her whole life. From the earliest I can remember at Christmas parties family events Aunt Mary would talk about how people come into her apartment steal stuff move stuff break stuff.

That's highly likely to be Marlene most of the time. I won't say every time there is claimed it that it was likely true.It's pretty hard to stay based when someone's doing something that fucked up to you.

the eight months at their house before they changed the lock with zero notice I witnessed her do all of that. I've got recordings where both of my parents will say I didn't say that I didn't do that I'll remind them it's recorded

Fuck your recordings, so what?

So you really need to define yourself as Mae Young CEST murdering narcissistic failure to care for your home fuck your son pieces of shit fucking other people's kids at children's hospitals and clinics st. Paul and watch your son die before you do you fucking worthless assholes

Double for Maple Grove Police.

Avoid the state especially that City

Clyde in the fr


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