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Tuesday, February 9, 2021


this above is kinda interesting. i wouldnt say i can follow it all and havent been able to even watch it for quite a while. 

its the sort of densely packed (info relative to time) that it requires ...oh idk the ability to not be constantly burggled and stalked terrorized and relocated under threat to an amount it would take 18 years working min wage to replace. but hey if the state and police say we are equal and they enforce laws equally then its not happening right? espicially if they dont allow reports and all evidence can be stolen. 

like the brain damage of npd the state says if i say it didnt happen it didnt happen as its happening

there is an older documentary called the magnetic universe.. or something along those lines. again i havent been able to fact check enough due to (see above)... i found it right after cosmos died. 

some of what it suggests is pretty interesting though. they suggested the reason so many cultures had something like the figure below:

might be that the planets orbits were fighting it out and the interactions between the magnetic fields was generating huge electric arcs. 

which regardless of all the physics one would have to know (to determine likelihood) this can be granted some validity by pondering:

way the hell before even telegraph or even known trans oceanic sailing,

 how did all these civilizations end up painting almost the same image with in the same time frame? 

possible answer: they all saw it in the sky. 

regardless of truth thats the sort of thought we should be giving things in day to day life and who we vote for. even being slightly off i wager the average joes or jills protections of intrests are better if critical thought is a habit 

Sagan thought along these lines as well. 

someone on ifunny also expressed this the other day

but i think a potentially more useful expression of the same is weaponized cluster b. (npd aspd bpd)

what marlene was driving into childrens nicu ^


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