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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Union yes massa


Or in my case union police are allowing a former seiu vp to essentially human traffic force labor and repeatedly steal felony amounts. Rendering it nearly impossible to hope to be able to care for myself. Despite having demonstrated an above-average ability to do so in the past.

If this is the change needed to win I don't know what we're winning

Paul and Marlene have a particular blend of maple Maple Grove PD enforced hell.

It's take their mold problem they caused and paid to be rid of (for them) use it as a unpaid death labor task.

9 months forced labor on a car Marlene drove to children's st Paul for 9 ish years. First 3 holding even a full face respirator I already owned. Now I'm blowing out the above in an empty apt with my pet in the freezer.

Worse yet I did manage to earn 2k doing work online and it all went to their problem.

The blow to the head issue by a cul
Is one solution I improvised was a 200 USD floor dryer fan covered to accept HVAC HEPA filters. While modifying it to take larger filters Paul and Marlene stole  my compound miter saw, desktop PC and mig welder. Which rendered me unable to restore previous function or complete the mod

January 2018 or somewhere around there I was told by my primary care doctor get away from the mold.
Marlene and Paul was sit there telling people and me it's because I won't go to a doctor

Meanwhile they take illegal to felony-level actions to make sure I have nothing but an infested mostly empty apartment and their mold problem

Or I get a text from my dad telling me to do maintenance on his car one morning when I wake up.

I go down to the apartments garage and find not only is the – indicator light on but I think he forgot screen would display the issue

I say that because there's a rounded velcro adhesive  cut try to block the actual indicator light.

Paul and Marlene are going for a blackout. The problem is when when law isn't enforced equally.. escaping it becomes less of the psychological problem then starving to death because anything you work for can be taken

Floor dryer discussed above

I can however think up shortcut in the race to the bottom

(Words of Andy Stern)

Monticello and red wing 

In that context it's almost like Minneapolis and st. Paul were the cities destined to be the Wests Chernobyl and or prypt
because even if no one actively attempted to do that; a collapse of government still likely produce has that effect.

I forget if they're the same generation as the Fukushima plant but if you look into it it doesn't matter much

GE Mark 1 and Mark 2

The nrc should have never left those designs be approved

Minnesota lawmakers somewhat knowledgeable  May believe some upgrades have rendered that less of a possibility the problem is unless policy is both in place and followed which assumes that wasn't flawed to begin with..

The problem is still

I sure wish I could put my intelligence to some other than die trying because laws are not enforced equally

The motto is work will set you free right cuz nothing I work for as much enabling me to escape their incest murder

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