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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Vancouver in 0.8 seconds


from my DSL modem on my apartment floor in St cloud Minnesota. Actually from the hypervisor it's connected to with one lan cable the modem is in bridge mode 

That site is served off the computer on the floor below

It might not be easy to see but I've gotten very little of my stuff back what I do have back is bits and pieces that do no good on their owner very little. The network switch visible above I actually had to improvise the power supply. I found an adapter of the wrong voltage but the right size plug then cut the wire off and wire it into the 12 volts on the atx supply of the server

I had a product as a service in mind. I have most of the work in it was derivative of something I was doing for pay for contract. It was a fall back and I had a client that would have paid the power bill to have the server. The servers intent was hostmysite post their site have the room to start the hosting of the product as a service if that was the plan

I have the text messages where one of my associates tells me that my mom and dad called him to explain how to take away that client from me

I bought rails to get this off the ground
 Paul and Marlene Steal my MIG welder my compound miter saw and my desktop workstation computer does surrendering the reels and the server something's just carry around

Paul and Marlene Maple Grove Police. The one and only human traffickers extraordinaire:

You are really sick fucking assholes
you trying to take care of your house and you're trying to kill me for it

Sick incest disgusting vile creatures

To be fair it's not like Maple Grove Police has mold. Yeah we're going to pluralize it like that by not like deer...Well unless you're in cottonwood California then there's an s on it.

But Maple Grove PD does create the destruction the risk to life contributed to the ends of the lives of my pets

Human trafficking forced labor if you need a ring leader for such a thing give Maple Grove Sargent Hanson to call

police in Minnesota will cover misconduct with murder or create a Mexican standoff something like that

Actually telemarketing in 2006 I once called Jesus Christ. When the phone line connected I heard Bueno on the other end

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