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Tuesday, February 9, 2021


 The Parts to the left are or was me playing with a different mosfet seeing how it would lay out on a board and not wanting to bother doing the design steps or the schematic steps first I just wanted a rough idea because it was in comparison to the other fet that was on the working version one a radically different package

But this was a board meant to accompany version 2

This was also a tool optional for completing a contracted project and salable on it's own.

Funny Minnesota is doing an end-run the capitalist system because when police law of things other people paid for it to be taken and buy a means of asking why you don't have a corporate job or a minimum wage job..

What they end up doing is redefining the value of anything you do did or might do

When it costs money to leave and anything can be stolen repeatedly 

Recognized or not we have police creating at best infentured servitude ...they will tell you all along the lines of well this party said they might have maybe once thought about giving you something so if you accepted what you were offered you probably deserve this.

Because it's almost like we never learned that acting on Bad formation or realizing someone might lie when it produce bad results when law enforcement does it

But in an effort to find true sadistic brain damage forcing slavery or NPDjust gaslight the understanding of Indian everything or happenstance whenever convenient gaslight having gas lit when not 

Whatever you do don't threaten to light an officer's fart do not pass go do not collect enough money to escape

Because Minnesota values your worth either to the social worker in the courts the lawyers or the person pushing the button on a cremation oven

Oddly enough not many of the laws directly covers threatening to iradiate anyone with x-rays. All you need is pretty much a neon transformer and a vacuum tube 

Extension cord probably doubles the price

Ever had a x-ray? Totally something you would notice going on when it shouldn't be right?

I mean it's not like a radar gun in your lap. there's an entire group of guys at stadiums that walk around announcing get your hot nuts . Wait maybe that's at ball games and anyone who's not paying attention at Hormel plants.

X-rays on the other hand quite a bit higher energy and ionizing

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