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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Wealth and class mobility

 I fear the focus on women as victims and fed funding of states that arrest men and implent other programs in line with the fedral violence against women law grants have an unintended consequence.

This is a work in progress

Although it's hard to evaluate what the actual intent was.

The problem isn't so much the laws stated purpose but rather what it enables and what it neglects.

What it enables and in combination with a slide on need to obey any order by police and protections of the 4th...

Is separation from evidence potentially needed  at a later hearing as well as assets to afford life let alone said trial.

In doing so it starts to paint a picture of wealth transfer in erosion of the middle class buy a one-sided prejudiced discriminatory law and the other terror created by the fact that nothing you do work-wise can keep you safe from the situation as it currently stands.


Business considers what law might call imaginary or personal property an asset.

As per any given private citizen the value of any given bit of personal property may vary greatly. 

the low end of value of all personal property is what may be regained incash with liquidation via means of pawn shop. This clearly is not possible with out a period of notice  before separation from said asset.

 on the other end or perhaps assets translating into a decent living is Joe plumber. 

Even John IT consultant is highly dependent on tools that come at a price.

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