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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Wealth versus domestic violence

 There is a group in Rich to buy locking up men state governments and possibly local police forces.

There's some criteria required to earn the federal money for doing so.

The problem is the Court of the land interpreted I believe 1968 Terry vs Ohio that unlawful orders must be obeyed and taken up in court

And that happens on anytime they want to detain you if I understand correctly but where it's hard to find even once you become aware that is what if any limits are on these on lawful orders because without that that's the day Justice died if that's how it actually works

The tie together is your things today are usually designed not to last very long. This keeps you needing to buy new ones. To some extent that helps drive the economy where it would otherwise stall without great leaps in technology

But you couple that with the idea of the American dream of owning your own business and you might know what you need equipment wise and some of that probably isn't built like that and even if it is if you're if the product you're producing or a service you're providing you have probably learned what tools to buy and how to treat them to make them last for what you need problem is domestic violence laws

There's a Jew that we need to catch and it's you. There's a Scarlet letter  there's a witch on the loose. ✡️🛐☯️

If Orange is the New Black then

U+2642&#  is the new gold star

That's supposed to be a male symbol I'll have to fix it on the laptop oh hey I got Wikipedia's table format in the attempt to paste it

And I can't get up from it unless I zoom in maybe not at all

so for now this is going to be in here because blogger is a turd and it's more of a turd when used on anything but a computer

There are some signs of Polish but it's so few and far between it's almost like someone tried to spit shine a turd which is a pretty disgusting allusion

Although today's kids eat ass so.. there's that

But anyway with the Star of David and the Boogeyman The Scarlet letter it's not a direct 121 everything is going to be done the same way or is is the general concept of a scapegoat

But rather than attack a group or nation and justify it with the scapegoat they're literally attacking everyone's rights everyone's protections bye the public acceptance of the image of the battered woman needs police to be able to do more and more against what the Constitution would have originally prevented and the framers forewarned about

Because here's the thing property real or personal property the equation of that to any store of value in most people's mind is gone. 

Or if you bring it up like hey there wasn't even a court case why am I all the sudden out of where I was living without even time to grab my stuff let alone sell any of it to afford anything else?

Because here's the thing when you have system setup like that people lie and it's so skewed that it doesn't even take much intelligence to figure out how to game that but they prey on emotions and no one wants to be the person saying well know she is lying

especially not as a politician even if there is some Independents and independent minds still in any level of government the media will destroy you it will eat you whole if you try to attack that is my deduction.

But at the same time there's financial incentive for only arresting one side once the criteria is met States like Minnesota will tell you some of the law that we've made to fit that criteria is now open to everyone. That might be the case I would doubt it's enforced the way they say it's open or even granted the way they say it's open but they can say anything they want and if no one is asking the question I just did by a statement.....

question is where's the data on how often to passes when men seek against women

And how often do arrests get made?

Because here's the thing I'm all for gay marriage so don't judge me as judging that but the data didn't lie when it indicated lesbians Had raging domestic violence issues

I tend to look at it as gender is not the driving force in harm or frequency it might be made to look or actually be associated but the hidden variable c is what drives any incidents of abuse in a relation and that c is childhood experience
which happens to start with the letter c but what I'm alluding to is the causality rhyme that they're teaching like Junior high or middle school now.

But the other wack  thingh besides this keyboardere

Is during the year and a half police we're enforcing a zero notice lock out that my parents decided on their telling me that every crime on Minnesota's books in the criminal law parts that are clearly defined and either recorded admission or a good deal of evidence or the police actually committed it and know full well because the police handbook says some of the things they violated or they rather than guide for renters for Minnesota they put out a police handbook and the police have said they might be liable but then they keep harming

the problem is they also while doing this will tell you every criminal violation is probably civil

Which if you're unfamiliar police aren't supposed to be concerned with civil law

Police arrest criminals

Enter Minnesota's ofp

In family Court which is civil court you don't even have to be there someone claims you made them feel threatened your right to own a weapon is gone and they can continue coming near you calling you you are arrested bull and or in violation if your pocket answers the phone or if basically they come near you and call you in you're probably still screwed

But did you catch the thing there that passes in a civil court and then you're arrested as a Criminal by the police enforcing a civil order

But now you're arrested because there are bringing charges against you that says you're a criminal for violating that civil order

I would say it would be interesting to see if anyone's challenged it under an unlawful arrest but the point is gold almost market you and Dupree much indicate they know what they're doing because it will tell you they know what is civil even when they don't but they will use it as an equivalent to if it's in that site a lot it's not my problem but they might get paid if it's a woman bringing one of these against you or the city does or the state from the federal government and that trickles down to them even if it's not direct

So civil court doesn't have criminal standards none of the CSI stuff none of that you can say things happened and there's no real attempt to prove or disprove or need to

But now you're not going back and re-evaluating the civil Court decision the trial in Criminal Court becomes did you violate the possibly purchase civil court decision or decision based on perjury?

They also don't give a crap if the other person has you literally tied up when it's the court date for the civil court trial or hearing

Sabotage their car well pretty close to the same difference.

The other thing is at maximum you'll get six days notice I got four on a Friday and the trial was on a Tuesday or hearing I haven't been able to get those terms straight yet cuz about a billion things are pulling every direction mostly due to criminal law violated against me

But what happens is your now a criminal the police made money for doing it and any relation to what you had going is gone also the person who claimed it against you it's probably in control of all of your tools all of your KeepSafe saw love your assets all of your physical store of value.

But when none of the criminal law is enforced on a per party basis what stops them from getting at your online banking?

So another words you might end up cleaned out by someone on truthful to you and lying to the police but they get paid for it and the Sullivan need to have to do this violation of law meant to protect everyone and keep police honest or enforce rules for how the police operate checks and balances are being destroyed
And because we'll g you shouldn't have made her angrier he's going to hit her but she was hitting you and you never hit her

She was hitting you repeatedly then decides to tell the police...

So the police may be separate you from the home and whatever length of time this is no good because you're going to have that match 6 days if they tell her what an ofp is and she decides to file one

there's literally no statue of limits on your claims or time. You can go back to people any blood relative any relation you've ever had but sexual relation partner relation and even roommates and file these

So you might have 4 days notice Like me 2 days a week end and you get a copy of the claims made in the petition so you kind of know what you would need but that might be 10 years even one year of claims as bad if you need medical records you need witnesses you need and hate surprise for days and you've been maybe on the street may but separated from where all that stuff is separated from your working environment

Or maybe you're tied up and literally chained because not a lot really prevents that when police are acting like this but the main point I wanted to make his police might have already separated you from what you need to even hope to defend yourself if you can go to the hearing

And that court is an extension of the state which might stand to get the federal funds so it's called the hearing but how much of you do you think they'll be hearing?

Meanwhile what are you losing?

They don't care if your things are being destroyed they don't care if they took your livelihood what I found out is afterwards everything will always be civil and the police don't care or you try to report that you have a confession of the felony level crime theft against you while you're trying to start over even by the party who did all this

and in my case the police tell me instead of allowing that confession on a report they want to put me they want to evaluate my mental status which is also if I understand correctly civil in nature

what's real is all those things that you're separated from regardless of how much you need them to earn or to live a cost money which you then need to work again if you want or need them back
It's a transfer of wealth mostly to lawyers and courts but it keeps anybody from being able to maintain even a roof over their head and if they stopped enforcing it against men only it would actually even be worse cuz we're just creating a society where people rip each other apart

And here's the thing when you're at the Harrington offspring factor in there there's also I've dealt with the issue of the assumed belief that because they say they offered money and I accepted it and I did that I had it somehow universally easier.

Or that this is all justified but here's the thing. That's an easy thing to jump to it doesn't mean there's any truth in it or any justification behind it other than winning Force by police it might become police wiping out family lines or the state of Minnesota is eliminating families

Because one police aren't supposed to make this judgment can you figure out in the wording who might be the authorized party to make a judgment? Separation of powers would be the concept involved but as George Floyd has demonstrated or had demonstrated to him are polarized pathologized mindsets have gotten the better of us and our systems. Because one of the biggest problems or signs that justice as we came to know it and lessons written in blood is being violated is when one party plays judge jury and executioner from behind a police badge.

It's really unfortunate and should change that black people are more likely to experience that

Nobody should experience that though that is not Justice that creates disorder no matter who it's done to or rather it should but when we spin the issue off into race..
Or when I can't stay on track

Back to did I work for anyting well yes I did when I try to present that to the police they had already acted so of course they don't want to hear anything counter to the damage and destruction of Life health well spectacles testicles wallet and watch dammit, they're doing.

If I didn't try to keep a sense of humor about it I might have not been here already but no matter what I do if these conditions are allowed to persist I'm not causing these positions other people are acting on me anyways clearly against the law but the loud refuses to enforce

With it goes most of the ability to prove things I say because their own Otis lockout from everything you own and two felony levels thefts since that time and several others. I would ask you to give me the benefit of the doubt because if you approached me I would be happy to give you names that's really not in my interest even if this wasn't happening to give out I don't sell data like some companies do I am not even judging it but I've just never found that something I wanted to participate in when it provided services. Nor did I have the time to implement that to anything I would have found ethical or really data that anyone was looking for and was legal to have distributed. And IT professional probably shouldn't be involved in that is what I'm getting around to especially if you're doing consulting over a wide array of businesses and or homes.

But yeah I made a lot of money especially for how old I was when I started and how the law is set says once you're known to do something professionally which I think first time I was given the independent contractor tax form by the accounting office that would probably classify...

My first clients that I picked up in 2004 with a self-made business card on the bulletin board in Caribou or Dunn Brothers in Maple Grove was a three-person CPA office in Plymouth..

So when my parents make the claim that I've been given any amount of money shouldn't one also consider the fact that since 2004 every time they have called wanting to know are wanting me to tell them how remote in or solve a problem for them on the computer that should have been market rate if you want to say everything of mine is repossessed and then continuously excuse successive theft
it's like a forced lens because if I can never do anything of value even when I've done things of value for other people if the mere claim unsubstantiated even know totally 
Real I accepted money from them. I didn't take it it was offered I accepted it. Much like you probably accepted a Christmas gift from your parents. Unless you force the least that I have done nothing of value and earned nothing on my own that's bad enough but if nothing I can do can ever repay that and there's no criteria other than they have to say it happened then what would probably have is moot either way because the cops will continue to do it with the current legal climate and the current psychology climate where we're not psych evaluation new officers or old officers as far as I know. I couldn't find any indication of single state requires it on higher but military does if you try to join you will face a psych eval why are the enforcers in other countries required but in the land of the free ruling over the population with little expectation of trial even if they take a life without trial those people don't even have to be mentally sound?

because the most likely to see black and white like you respect your parents they brought you into this world no I don't care you respect your parents

Narcissist borderline sociopath. Maybe schizotypal.

Put that behind a badge and a gun and you might go from chains to bars or change to knees and I don't mean you're on yours I mean there's one on you

Or if you're escaping somebody trying to drill a hole in your head drop acid on your brain and not  Timothy Leary's type of acid..
If you happen to get away from guy who wanted to make a lampshade out of your skin in Wisconsin you might find that the police pick you up and drive you right back to them

This is what happens because that type of damage these people no longer see people as people their prejudices in their societal influence beliefs override any sense of logic and then on top of it reflecting financial incentive prejudice against certain groups and then put potentially sick people behind the badge with nearly unlimited power and it doesn't take much to figure out that if certain arrest generate federal funds for the state your career is probably furthered by as many of those as you can generate but in the meantime know it or not you've become the ultimate terror you become the person that ensure as somebody's last moments 2 years of life trying to escape abuse were doubly abused you've transferred wealth to the rich and you might have done so unknowingly we're not coming. Through it but the last thing that people in that position and acting that way were the actual sick ones because there are I have met officers actually believed do not want to be that sort of officer

But especially the ones that have that sickness the last thing they're going to accept from someone they potentially injure to kill is there justification or most thing. It is how it is cuz I say it is only works when it's coming from the person with the sickness but they're going to doubt the person saying no this is what happened or even if you say this is as close as I can get to how this went down which is actually a wise thing to say because human memory is never perfect it might not be intent to obscure either what to get Justice when he's people who can think those things through because a lot of things can look like other things like to the best of my memory in my trying to deceive you or am I being very specific because that just might be me but I might be trying to deceive you they're not mutually exclusive either the problem is NPD in particular has been shown to have gray matter deficits in the prefrontal cortex so there's a lot of arguments that you won't have Justice because he was literally putting brain damage people behind unlimited positions of power

And the wealthy will eventually just leave if that's all that's going on right now there's a lot of possibilities

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