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Thursday, February 4, 2021

What can a snow-covered Hill on a two-lane road at a hundred miles an hour teach us about safety

 When the hill has a slope significant enough that combined with the speed you feel the suspension lift there's a moment we're only attention to detail and understanding the physics can keep you from almost certain death.

Has the suspension lifts in the car becomes lighter on its tires any movement of the wheel to the right or left will create a tendency to enter a slide that you are unlikely to recover from.

The probability of recovery is limited by the width of the surface intended for driving and the velocity at which you traverse it. All of this is further bound by your individual reaction time

Speed doesn't kill it's how fast you slow down most of the time.

And there's the tie-in because convincing you that speed is what kills is a blanket statement that serves a purpose. The purpose is to accept that the person pulled over getting a speeding ticket is getting what they deserve because they did something deadly or potentially deadly when really you're financing a police department or a highway patrol.

What does that say about alter common belief that men are violence and that's the problem

I think another Force of their time and age attempted to blame the members of a certain religion for all their problems.

Which if generalized is scapegoat an arbitrary Fall Guy whatever you want to call it

Kind of like supposably logic-based left with the message teach your boy not to hit

Good thing we have an alternative in the right god guns and gay will certainly solve this

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