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Friday, February 5, 2021

Why you should turn off the TV

 Studies that later became the Rockefeller media studies indicated that even back in the days of radio people trusted that disembodied voice more than anybody in their life.

It's not that TV is going to make you shoot someone most of us have enough higher function to determine that's wrong.

The same goes for violent video games and actually the fact that the argument is framed that way might provide some indication to who's framing it and why. That frame is basically splitting the psychological term for all-or-nothing thinking. What media does or what it is very capable of and does every day is nuts your opinion on things. All of a sudden you see persecution where there is none or you don't give a spouse the benefit of the doubt to label it as abuse when you also take no time to self reflect on what you might have contributed to the situation. The true evil is there's a whole force of people waiting to take your wealth to end your family and doing so

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