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Friday, February 5, 2021

Woke screaming

 Clyde's name again .

10k for a lawsuite 600 for a gun. Bout 20 to blow up a car

I am irreparably changed and scared. Paul and Marlene benefited in every way from what I realized about their house they just have to take skilled labor after formed in the past for pay since 2004 in police help them to everything i earned and have since allowed them to steal felony amounts two times to put me in this hellhole

It feels more like a shakedown than any and designed to help anybody. Put your people have done it to me have been physically violent as well as emotionally traumatic and they don't quit because it's a one-sided restraining order someone's a turtle genius didn't figure that out

I find it more likely they did

Aka this ensures the cycle and furthers the demand for courts lawyers and police 

 like civil asset forfeiture lot it's become a new form of predatory government

it would be different if the state checked in on the outcome other than to re extend it but that's where they get you and what you don't realize is the police won't allow any criminal charges brought against the person who was first to accuse you or has it passed

so what you get is similar to what I experienced where someone can repeatedly Rob felony amounts from you and the police won't do a thing about it won't even allow it on record tell me how that prevents violence

tell me how you even escape that situation

 tell me how it's not an incest terrorist State when it's allowing parents t

 To do that to their children

Guess it helps when enforcers are lead by the likes of Rorey hason

A photo of Sergeant Hansen Maple Grove Police department

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