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Monday, February 1, 2021

Yale Defines Slavery


Some parts look hopeful but then it points out the UN is actually in charge, which could be good. Except it's more of the same where women and children are protected over men

And the shell game insures a skip of a boulder that ensures NPD abuse and slavery.

People tend to follow. Define posti9ns of power with 50 percent having more protections and you get women creating the narsactic injury in their boys an unknowingly ensuring the cycle of abuse 

Mean while the boulder skipping also represents the pea or pebble on the street hustle game with the demographics and nation's with and that offer protection being represented by an overloaded shell function 

We know better but we let media wipe it from us.

Pay attention in this clip when the fuhrer says we will never be slaves we heil heil but still we work like slaves

note this was produced to make fun of not seasoned that's exactly the way I'm using it I'm just pointing out how close were getting here. Police might be killing you after helping human traffic you and they want to know where you're working.

Sagan perhaps chose to omit that psychology was just as much a technology as is group sociology and psychology

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