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Friday, February 5, 2021

Yale on esoteric law, John on data integrity vs societal refresh

 I'll try to find it later but I recently came across a PDF published by Yale that was using words I can't directly quote because I don't recall the exact language.

 it was something along the lines of

Why that isn't discrete and objective impedes freedom and individuality because the normal process is 1 gauges their actions with the likelihood of consequence but when actions are a unknown consequence that falls apart

Their wording was much more concise

The thing that they didn't get the tie in with is states that allow Doctors without oversight to give you labels without objective criteria

Multiple predatory paths and all end up destroying individuality it just takes some time

Exploring that in a bit more depth you can also apply the average citizens knowledge of the medical world and law.

Both are normally close to non-existent. I would not claim in the law field that mine is much better. Medical field at least know most of the lingo. There's been times I know things that my mom doesn't but I'm sure there's things she knows that I don't. If you're just tuning in she's a nurse practitioner.

But the third is the interplay or the possibility in the average citizens mind

Especially when a cop can force you to have this encounter

I think we are headed for very dark days

Carl Sagan believe the same  the scope of what I'm discussing is a bit for their limited but expressed great concern for the lack of knowledge being imparted on the future generations and how that might leave them unable to determine their best interest or we can probably surmised it safe to say what's in their interest at all

What's chilling is there are some famous figures in mass communication public relations who espoused that that was exactly what they hoped to do to the average person

I think the danger is what guarantees that the political class doesn't fall into average person or what percentage of that do they get hit with as well because what I see is a picture painted of a riverbank eroding

There's also the knowledge economy knowledge is capital aspect that promotes half-truths and falsehoods

Computer science has the expression garbage in garbage out

in fact if you're doing computations or even running a computer if that operating system is on the screen you might have encountered something call the blue screen of death

There's a few reasons you can encounter that but the general concept goes back to whats known as a watchdog

In the current architectures anything being processed is stored in volatile memory. Not only does it need power to hold the information but usually if it's a one that little bit of voltage needs to be refreshed in whatever is holding it usually capacitor.

One of the reasons you'd see a blue screen and a watchdog would kick in that actually triggers the blue screen is system bus voltage has dropped below what could guarantee that the capacitor holding what's supposed to be at 1 has enough voltage top up to be read as one or on

everything that you want saved or changes you want to resist and save to disk or now solid state drives. With that in mind what happens when you see that is the computer is detected it might have corrupt data in its volatile memory.

It has the equivalent of a half-truth a lie or a falsehood

the reason you see the blue screen is the computer rebooted to grab what it knows is the last good information from the hard drive

Or in other words we know with data science that corruption if not caught can lead to an inoperable system

Yet look what we're doing to our society.

there's an argument that the average person or any given person never had a very good set of data they've operated on. 

Overall that is true we came from very barbaric ages somewhat by necessity

The thing is the research has been done to show what inputs cause what outputs.

In this idea of a volatile memory refresh I think what people encounter on the news day today is what's most likely to be the information acted on.

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