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A simple tip for dealing with NPD lies - you're wrong, you're sick in the head

 other than the fact maple grove police and st cloud police with their back and possibly under hopes of VAWL fedral grant funding...

other than the fact the justice system in Minnesota is set to allow people to enslave their adult offspring via one sided enforcement of law

a useful question to ask when NPD and or ASPD try to convince you that you are sick in the head is:

"why? can you explain how?"

same with the blanket "youre wrong John" 

again when crooked police enable one party to essentaly human traffic force labor and repeatedly steel for years on end and to the trumatizing extent that a pet i loved since 2007 is in the freezer in this apt and they even have bonnies ashes. 

its probably more worth it to buy a gun and pop ones self in the head. or see my list of "reasons to smile when the doc asks...." 

heres hard logic: if no one has ever been illegaly forced into a emergency medical hold or ended up on one legaly due to a doc saying "hey you seem off"

or the proper "peace officer hold" is executed by an officer with a spine. 

long and short is:

if no one is declared held but then once their story is examined they are outright released but prefferably with the number to relevant lawyers to try to stop who is harming them

then the system isnt designed to help people. humans are error prone wonders to diseases. when we forget or overlook the error prone for gain we become the disease. 

life isnt absolutes though with particular brain damage and or conditioning many end up seeing it that way then fetishizing shades of gray (probably while saying *omg its so unique and edgy only me and like xxx,xxx,xxx people... heh shades of gray what a nouvelle  concept! 

The really sick part is this everyone has to stand for themselves excuse echoed mainly by police. you dont think if you or I found their aprtments or homes they would have an issue coming home to a different lock on the door and "sorry youved gota demonstrate you can fend for yourself...bruh buy new stuff why cant you care for yourself?"

Sgt Hanson: youre how old John? --- diff night "why cant you earn how you used to with out your things?"

oh idk, that would require pirating thousands of dollars of software i paid for and still possibly result in legal headake and more time consumed.

why cant you stop repeating what im guessing you went through as bullying at home or at school from behind a badage?

why cant you hug the next suicide bomber? police naked? fly? eat a squad car? 

we could proximate this on the other foot with something like legionnaires in your air conditioning.if hanson is unable to see how forced labor and relocation on toxic and alergenic growths could leave someone up shit creek. 

funny how bonnie and clyde rabbit were actually pstd therapy animals. not funny at all actually hey jack ass how many people had you contributed to them still being alive by age 16?

i noticed paul trying to change the channel to the tv with the cordless phone right as i was headed down stairs having gotten off work 3 hrs early due to lack of demand. thats also the amount of time it took for my cellphone less mother to get to the north er. 

you were picking fucking buggers in middle school while I was earning 4x or more min wage, sadistic little punk takes it away enforces death and has audacity to tell me parents owe me nothing because they said to him i never worked. several times i tried to correct this. no one on the mgpd force wanted to hear it except for the bit about "if thats true we might be liable" 

human trafficing as a coverup. tell me how is this an equal society when you can kill me and my words are threats to others? 

back to retorical questions, between eating handbooks and listening to the policing for profit audio book did you manage to read the departments mission statement? or is it a case of one thing published another followed and to avoid liablity all lives may be stomped? 

idk why i cant do what i could do with 3k of computer and software that i cant do with out it...gee why would any one spend 3k for nothing? 

questions that aparently are confusing for officer hanson. 

but by my estimate and mostly tools, 43k of my things still being destroyed. 6.3k services stolen by paul and marlene. 

but hey if you wanna rob someone just tell Rory you paid for it. 

can you read let alone follow your departments mission statement?

well other than the culture of derp fuhrers part.,define%20and%20accomplish%20service%20needs.

not explicitly listed but when a mission statement has no actual backing and peace officers are endangering lives destroying lively-hoods, traumatizing and potentialy leaving someone disfigured to dead after trauma to the max for years on end...

id bet an unwriten value is the public relations value of the mission and values list.

one more question for hanson:

why cant you figure out the best thing you could do to be a peace officer would be Russian roulette with your semi auto and a full clip?

bonus prize if you can make it go click before your body hits the floor. 

ill go after you. 


its funny, october 2019 for sitting on the driveway of what should have been considered a rent current room rented in a house ..ive goit the video of pulling up all the way through mgpds arival. 

"youre this close to geting an hro or ofp against you"

march 2020 same derp fuherer hanson "I didnt know they were going to file an ofp"

"bullets are good for you buddy, the CDC, FDA, and NRA recommend officers with this level of cluster b and indetermined if gaslighting is sourced from head up ass or ass...

its vitiman B for cluster B officers. Eat up so maybe you can someday make it through the little enginge that could rape lives.

well..this got dark. 

recap. why is a good question sometimes with npd

moving away from mn is probably a good idea

if you are a fan of the ma ane pa turpin show (CA) then moving to maple grove mn might just be the right idea for you.

maple grove police will help you force labor, poison, repeatedly rob, claim to own, mail fraud check fraud, bunny rabbit abuse, human trafficing, and civil ofp enforcement when you tell hennepin county you doth feel threatened that your slave might not get the hose again 

maple grove pd, aiming to be the guy Elon musk called a pedophile or worse every day every way. 

oh i almost forgot. maple grove pd enabling a neo natal nurse practioner to drag mold into childrens hospitals st paul nicu for 18 years then kill her son for catching it. thats their bedroom door in 2018


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