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2+2=4 come again tomorrow and hear it again(no adult allowed ahead)

 MNs treatment math. Aka how groups work when you are commited.

Long and short of it in math terms is:

it doesn't matter if you could teach them that the first derivative of x² is 2x

Or if you have been to the 2+2 class three times .

What matters is attending the group. Doesn't matter if you sit there quiet or could demonstrate the proof of why 2+2 = 4

Of course this is a metaphorical comparison.

Actual example

Yesterday we had a word find by a staff member who while traveling back from Texas googled an insurance terms word find. Some people might not be aware that Google likes to localize results. So back in Minnesota we did a word find on the Texas healthcare system terms for group.

Thankfully I'm now versed on the specific terminology used by healthselect Texas.

Prior. I was writing on a window.

Which actually did have a few differences from what we would call it in Minnesota.

Like the coinsurance we call a copay.

Here's what the daily schedule looks like.
EIMR is the same curriculum that cbh Baxter had. 

It's natural for a person to shut down under conditions where you repeatedly want them to answer very basic non-stimulating questions with no chance to succeed no chance to fail no chance to practice.

No seriously here's a f****** pacifier we're going to decide your freedom on if you show up and suck it for 6 months to 2 years.

In other news it's been 7 days since my meeting with Dr Burd and still no staff member at mshs wadena has been able to tell me how to pass a message cleaning up or providing my input on some of the things he stated and questions he asked.

It's also been about 2 weeks now that I've been without a door key for my room. I helped another patient put on a screen protector and he mistakenly threw away my door key. The key is an HID proxi card not a physical key. I was using it to take the bubbles out of the screen protector on his phone.

I've lost track of how many times I've been told we can get you another one tomorrow.

Mn seems to get around the clause that no one should be held at a higher care level than required by simply making it hard as hell for anyone to actually do an evaluation of that.

If it wasn't systemic there wouldn't be this issue of well he wants to tell something to the doctor that we don't even have on staff here but she's asked four times and we can't give him straight answer how to do that.

I've already made two appointments for myself with the Tri-County clinic if someone would even offer me a business card with his number on it but then again even if that's what ends up happening why did that take for plus times asking?

I'm tempted to post it here.

Although I haven't seen the hit from St Peter in quite a while now. There's also no guarantee that even if that was part of what one doctor assures will be people watching me..there's no guarantee even if it was that it would get back to the doctor in charge at the moment. This system has some issues.

It's not that it has no need whatsoever. I can tell you there's definitely people that need to be here and even more so in the last place. There's also been a good percentage of people that even the staff say shouldn't probably be there.

But as the counties always have an override switch..

As soon as I'm up with my commitment even if it's to live on the street somewhere else I don't want to be anywhere near the state the most demeaning soul destroying treatment detainment imprisonment I'm so little. so little was actually justified or talked about all they had to do was claim that I said things or quote things halfway through a sentence and give no chance to explain it.

It's probably going to be a year. Which will actually make it a year and a month.

I hope I'm wrong. But nothing I've seen so far gives me any confidence that it will be up at 6 months

That's despite excellent behavior.
I went to literally every group at Baxter until I started going through them twice because they only had 30 days of programming probably went to all of them a time and a half because I've still randomly go to them every once in awhile

The staff there were telling me I could teach these groups. some were telling me if I needed a job when I got out I should come work there.

The questions above are about as technical as it gets.

Everything else your average middle schooler could answer. 

 yet this is what we're giving to adults. 

Doesn't matter if its redirection day and the last time you were able to name dbt, pmr and multiple examples of both. U better sit there shut up and drool through it again even if it starts to hurt. 

Guess what else will hurt. You won't receive any 1 on 1 therapy while in here.

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