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75% of people given 72hr holds in St cloud are commited

Inanimate is how this guy describes it. 

Some of the staff at st cloud hospital (centracare) try really hard to do better than that; but I can't say I disagree with him in general.

it's not just that but they violate patients rights as well.

The mistreatment at St cloud hospital linked below discusses that more.

Where the link above gets it seriously wrong is:

They don't have to do much of anything to prove their claim of clear and evident danger to self or others.

I never had any intent to harm anyone, or myself.

CentraCare claimed that I was both. They did so well leaving 5 in of steel welding wire in place of the screw for my glasses.

I finally pointed it out in the court hearing. The next day they showed up with a screw.

Actually if you end up there you will probably get the screw too.

but now we're more metaphorically speaking

one of the biggest problems there is there's no even guidelines set of rules. They also don't seem to practice positive reinforcement it's negative punishment.

 Bigger picture

As the system is currently set there's a lot of liability for letting you go and unlikely odds that you will get through that and maintain the financial position required to go after them for any liability for falsely committing you

In other words it seems from my perspective:

The system is set where there's little to no risk for taking your freedom and possibly liability for not.

I don't expect Justice out of the system like that. There's no consequence for harmful actions by people we consider authority and professional...

Some of them will some of them won't but are considerations are doing little to stop the abuse of the system.

If you end up in Centracare's AMHU here's your new overlord:

Dr. Jon Bowar MD poses for a photo
Dr Jon C Bowar M.D.

Actually the duck is quite dapper. I almost feel bad for associating his image with Dr. Bowar's.

it looks like it's not just me with that opinion of him

Dr. Jon C Bowar MD reviews

On the flip side Baxter has an excellent doctor. and that statement also holds up to the online reviews. Not only that but you'll find nurses and staff at other Minnesota facilities that will go out of their way to make sure people know he's one of the most decent human doctors they've ever met.

But by the time you get there it's kind of too late. 

There's also no guarantee you go there.That is several places Minnesota can send you after commitment. I believe there's six CBHHs close to 100 private facilities that do IRT which is basically what I'm in right now except it's state-run and called an mshs.

I'm not sure how I feel about the one at Wadena yet. It's actually telemed. I've got some mixed feelings after our first meeting but nothing along the lines of how bad how just terrible Dr Bowar was. And part of that is Bowar pulls off this nice guy image at least for the first meeting or two. Id rather be a little conflicted with the one I have right now.I'm conflicted I'm guessing because he was more honest which is probably a good sign at the end of the day.

In random news: give it a week and google image search Bowar. I bet the mallard gets top placement.


Dr John C Bowar


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