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3x and it's pushed off. Neglect at mshs wadena

 I met with the psych provider last Thursday. (Via video conference ) it ended with him saying I'll see you in a month.he explained to me that he sees himself as an ambivalent babysitter. I kind of figure ambivalent is better than a mind made up. 

Yet in practice it probably doesn't matter.

I realized there's a few things I could have provided insight into and or explained. Issue  is I realize this after the meeting. I asked three different wadena staff over 3 days if there's a way for them or me to contact the provider.

every time it's been pass the buck.

Either they tell me they arnt the right person or to wait a few more days for another staff member and remember to ask them.

What's irritating about that is I would believe facilitating that contact is part of their job.

last night I even said Point blank I've written down what I'd like to say if you could provide an email address for that staff member I could email it to them along with the fact that I want this passed to my doctor.

yet they put it back on you( or rather me )to remember to try to find the one person who's probably not wearing a name tag on another day.

From my observations and in my opinion:

Minnesota plays games with the idea that no one should be held at a higher care level than they need. Plausible deniability in it or just the s*** system design is the people who determine that are usually the people you have the least time and contact with. Also once committed the county prosecutor can apparently override even a doctor wishing to let you free or suggesting that you should be back out in the community rebuilding your life.

Also, I sat on my room card key disabling it. Then another patient threw it away(by mistake) 2x I've asked for a new one. Had to explain why just to get the same someone else will have to do it tomorrow or on Monday .

Which is fine during the day. I just have them leave my empty room unlocked .But night shift won't do that. 

How many times are you supposed the behave to ask and track what you are expected to do after they rip you out of your environment and hold you for months on end?

How do we fairly evaluate anything about a person with these conditions?

How is this different from jail or prison ? I can't go home I can work, I can't leave on my own accord. But there is more judgement.

Go to the same list of groups. Infact the same programing I did at Baxter and don't be evaluated on participation of if you posses the knowledge or learned. Just where you there.

No adult slowed ahead while detained for half a month to a year on civil standards of evidence 

Here's what I can teach myself in a couple of months

Staff here and at the last place have also commented that this curriculum is something the middle school is could answer every question. When I go to groups I make a point of participating in adding on to the half-ass presentation mostly given. Some staff members try harder than others and add their own touch to it which is great. It's still a curriculum that 8th graders could have mastered you could probably find fifth graders that could answer every question.

then they call it person-centered care but if that's the truth then how many of those meetings do you need to go to and be able to answer every question to the point where you limit yourself so you don't dominate the group only to be told that maybe we should go to some more groups. When there's only three a day to go to actually two because the first is always planning Group which is 15 minutes of sure we go to the YMCA equivalent or on a walk tonight

Off to shit liquid again.

Then maybe tomorrow two groups of leaning how to tie shoes


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