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About 140 days of antifungal shampoo and 164 days of trauma


Vs Feb 2021

Yet even with me communicating to CentraCares dr Bower

"I have a seborrheic dermatitis. Diagnosed by a dermatologist "

he took to calling it delusions of parasite and or fungual infection. This was  mentioned in my commitment hearings.

 had literally communicated to Dr Bower check the journal articles it's often fungal.

I wasn't freaking out and or obsessed either. 

I realized maybe since I'm being held I can get the shampoo prescribed again.

Instead he took to labeling it delusion. The shampoo was given a day after I was commited. 

It was written "for dandruff"

It took Dr Mattson looking it up to change that. 

When I say antifungal shampoo I'm not talking head and shoulders I'm talking prescription shampoo. 

Ketoconazole 2%

In other words in Minnesota after the SWAT team raids you and finds nothing tell the doctor what another doctor has told you... Aka the dermatologist who diagnosed it and end up with a delusional label anyway.

By a doctor who told you in the start that he was asked to hold you as long as possible. Then told you again that he thinks it's a new America and you can't say the sort of things while he's filing a petition for commitment.

There was no explaining anything to that doctor almost every question he asked was loaded or biased in how it was asked. and I've said from the start I've been calm the whole time but on top of that it said from the start I had no intent to harm anyone

(Iirc curly hair has open folicules and a structure that tends to hold moisture(why it frizzes too) fungi and mold love moisture .) 

Actually one of the CentraCare patients cut hair. She mentioned she was pretty sure that's what was up as well.

 also noted on my centra care charts are that my hair had a bizarre pattern. If you Google or gs black dot piedra... 

It's really sick both having this and bring detained while told it's delusion.

Detained in general.

This is sick

Then there's also this

I blew this out. It was explicitly mentioned in court that I have delusions of seeing things in my blood.
Blood from nose bleeds.

This is beyond traumatized.

This is beyond humane.

It's not the only time I've blown that out. Here's another post from 6 mo ago photos from 6 -10mo ago

I don't claim to know what that is.

 I do know I once had nose bleeds frequently before this(as a child) this is not normal stuff that comes out.

I've asked other people. They said no that's not normal. Yet a doc who refused all existing record indicating issues and twisted...

This is sick. 

You might assume I'm in a hospital they would run tests. 

That's not the case.

They can't even directly refer me to an ent.

Mn has limited the physical health options avalible. Now (at wadena) I could make a drs appointment and push the issue. 

But the sick part is it's created a fear of it being taken as further delusion 

I'm not sure something's dier or wrong. I'd like to at least see it taken half seriously though. Issue is it's now biased in my med records.
Also conditioned in me not to bring it up.

This might just be a cist. That would be great. Either way 164 days and counting of looking like the hunch back while held in hospitals...

Also physical pain includes: foreign body sensation tonsil hurts on lump side ear intermittently hurts on that side..

It's not comfortable in any way

physically or mentally. The later in either self-esteem or peace of mind. 

That said my behavior has still been calm and collected. 

Mn uses civil commitment to teach you to scream on the inside. At least that's how it appears from my perspective.

Oh..the other shit part:.
Having the shampoo is one thing. I have to ask for it every time I want to use it. Then there's using it in the mist spray of the jail esq shower.

 this is really fucked up.

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