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An exaggeration about if the Turpin tragedy happened in Minnesota

about about a year and a half ago I was exaggerating slightly when I said it seemed like if the Turpin family had lived in Minnesota they would give the parents the keys to the state and commit the children.

I have my dad recorded claiming to own to me two times a third saying that he thinks he bought me.

My mom tried to push me over a railing at their house.

As an only offspring I realized I'm the only person who witnesses what they do. Make no mistake I wanted away from it
They held $40,000 in my property Ransom. Including the remains of one of my rabbits. A pet that had had for 12 years

I haven't lived at their house regularly since 2006.
In 2018 I moved back in for 8 months. I actually never intended to move out or was it where I was moving out. The lock changed.

Lies to the police put them in charge of my property. It became due this go here go there or be homeless with nothing.

Then it became clean our car of our mold problem or be homeless with nothing. Phone calls where my dad would pretend to have lost Bonnie rabbits ashes.

This is what prompted me to write the parts on this site that ended up I just exagerated taken out of context quoted mid sentence to get me committed.

When one parent claims to own you and the other tries to push you over a railing, they threaten what at minimum wage would take 18 years to recoup (expendable income on minimum wage calculated 2019) and threatened something irreplaceable like the remains of a pet that you have 12 years and lost in their care.

no one should have to go through that. No one should have to be committed by a doctor who doesn't want to see doesn't care to see or listen to the recordings the video...

this is sickness I didn't want to hurt anybody I had no intent to hurt anybody I can present a pretty good case they were stalking me. I wasn't paranoid about that I was trying to figure out a way to get away from that.

I also have recordings where they threaten I do labor or they will call and get me a 72-hour hold of commitment or put me in prison.

I guess I wasn't exaggerating when I said it a year and a half ago I found out it's damn near the truth.

I wanted to pretend to say that my situation was as bad as The turpins offspring but there were similarities.


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