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After The Maple Grove Police Help Rob You...(A Minnesota Story )

The state will raid you during a move.

take evidence need to defend yourself from the charges it's going to drop on you.

Use the state of your apt during move to suggest you can't care for yourself.

I put mg police in the title but this was just as much at cloud police and the courts in this state 

It's like a head trip 

When they take people to a hospital. The police after words/the officer when I spoke to him later pointed out he was the plain clothed officer. No he was in a uniform and I was in hand cuffs. Which is written into mn law as not supposed to happen. Which I had pointed out on my blog way before the raid. 

Problem with using holds in place of jail.

There is no bail, there's been no Justice. I still haven't even seen the warent for the raid.

At one point I asked my lawyer why did we not try to argue for release between the two hearings. She responded

"they don't do that"

 I would take a bet that if you hire Bradshaw and Bryant versus being court appointed they might perform a little bit differently. I mean how would this sound? 

Better yet here's a marketing pitch:

Hire St Clouds Bradshaw and Bryant today!
pay us for us to tell you: 
"they don't do that!"


Money well spent? 

I think there's a potentially bigger issue with this as well. my understanding is the county has a contract or St cloud does so you only get Bradshaw and Bryant. When the hospital violates your rights, the police have your phone with your contacts and the doctor has barged up from looking up any numbers for you...

whether or not it happened to me this configuration with one law firm and the fact that Minnesota has decided court appointed attorneys don't get evaluated by the lawyers Board of professional responsibility...

The potential for corruption is very high with how we've established this system.

The original judge or court is the only one with the power for another hearing.

Back on the matter at hand:

After commitment they then hit stalking charges against my parents after I was committed.

The entire time the doctor at CentraCare came at me like some kind of Savior well actually he alternated quite a bit. One minute he would tell me it's a new America and I don't think you can say the sort of things you did on your blog and the next it was I think I'm going to save you from legal charges

Stalking my parent. Is what they claim


  • I have paul recorded :
    • Claiming to own me 
    • Saying he can't abuse me I'm a man 
    • Claiming he bought me 
    • Saying: I need control because I want control 
  • Both paul and marlene recorded inviting me to their house after changing the lock and keeping my things 
    •  every time when I show up on invite they would then not answer the door and call the police 
  • The state tried to turn this into criminal stalking 
  • I was invited. 

This is a state that seems to celebrate incest abuse, emotional incest and actual incest.

You think I'm it exaggerating?

I can't imagine many would still be as calm as I am maintaining. 

They have claimed I want to hurt people I do not. Many of the descriptions of harm were hypotheticals to point out just how in effective and useless ofps are.

Others were to put the shoe on the other foot.

I have no desire to harm anyone. I do however get carried away some times in writing and or talking 

I have however been harmed.

This is sick

I'm not saying I'm anything special either. Other people could and will handle this. I just know that had I not had a very specific set of life experiences I would be falling apart right now. 

Imagine this:

They point guns at you after someone takes everything and threatens even the ashes of your dead pets. To coerce labor

You were moving. They raid your apt during this and while you are at the hospital they hold an eviction trial you arnt notified of or able to attend.

164 days later they are still treating you like an invalid.

You still have no access to even your contacts list.


I don't think I will be the same after this.

I think WI police probably deserve praise.

in comparison to what Minnesota police and courts do...bringing that guy back to Jeffrey Dahmer was humane.

This is probably more appropriate than ever 


No seriously, a prevision of discharge is:

you are mentally ill( and may not claim otherwise)

This brings two things to my mind:

1) if the state says you are a witch (see Salem Massachusetts) which is more relevant than you might think, because they use civil courts with low standards of evidence to do this.the standard is the preponderance of the evidence. Minnesota or at least certain counties in it seem to go to great lengths to make sure the preponderance is what the doctor and or prosecutor wanted it to be.I've heard this from several other people I never thought I'd end up living it. Also see: Public Defender's are not like real lawyers in minnesota  they've eliminated the ability to independent review of if you were competently represented. Placing all the power for a retrial with the original judge/with the original Court. combine that with the fact that centracare's mental word took a list of external lawyers while banning the staff from looking up any numbers for me... 

2) Eminem seems to have covered this already

"I am what ever you say I am. If I wasn't why would I say I am?" -Eminem

I've talked before about how I was exaggerating when I wrote/compared Minnesota to California and handling of the Turpin case.

I was exaggerating when I said Minnesota would probably commit the Turpin children and give the parents the keys to the state. 

It appears I  might have been under exaggerating.

apparently they commit the children and try to charge them with felony stalking.

Day 165 starts in an hour.

Possibly 6 to 18months to go.

I've got an idea for Minnesota State anthem:

Maybe it's no mistake our state bird is the loon. /S

and yet we found such uncommon ones to staff the justice system.

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