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Baxter CBHH

a few words about Minnesota's comunity behavioral health hospital in baxter:

14241 Grand Oaks Dr, Baxter, MN 56425.

This place billed it self as the "Hilton of Community behavioral health hospitals."

Other than the food; I agree. MNs CBHH Baxter is about as good as it can get.

What makes CBHH Baxter Shine?

What really impressed me was the cohesiveness of their staff, organizational culture and mission statement/purpose.

There were something like 40 staff members and only 2.5 of them were somewhat universally disliked. I avoided  one ike the plague and two rubbed me the wrong way. Thats kinda life though, you won't get along with everyone. I stated it how I did above because the three  I was referring to had other patients and other staff complaining about them as well. People who haven't been in this system might not understand this... That number out of a staff of something like 40 people... Is incredibly rare.

I haven't been in this system before. But I listen to people. There are some straight up horror stories. I've now been at 3 different locations and I can say I've seen enough not to doubt the horror stories. Baxter how ever is not one of them.

I've checked MNs CBHH Baxter's google reviews and individual reviews of its providers. I'm not alone in the belief. that if you're going to be held in a place like this that is definitely the one you want.

While I was there I couldn't find a single patient with anything bad to say about the doctor or about his NP counterpart.

Both Dr Matson and Amanda give patients their full attention. More than that though they're soft spoken they listen with a desire to understand rather than a desire to label. Both continuously strive to improve their professional knowledge as well. And easier way to put it would be neither of them is stopped learning they're trying to better themselves to provide the best care they can.

They also have a physical provider named Twila who is beyond exceptional.

But it's more than that.

From what I saw of it they pay attention to their organizational culture to try to optimize patient care and be in line with their mission statement.

 they also staffed this facility with an overwhelming majority of smart, kind and compassionate employees. People that truly care about their patients and about being good at what they do! They treat you like a person while they provide as much or as little as you as you need as a patient.

From what I saw they are one of the few examples of the system limiting what they could be. Where as in many places you might find you are glad there are some rules telling them what to be.

This is subjective but the majority of their staff seem to make conscience efforts not to talk down to people. They will take every effort to explain what's happening to you or what's going to happen to a patient and or what is/what their options are and in language the patient can understand/on an individual basis and level.

Most of their staff goes above and beyond to make you feel human and comfortable. I observed one even giving pedicures. Others will take patients into the padded room in the middle of the night just to do yoga.

Even the cleaning staff tries to make you smile and wants to know how your day is, when you are getting out.

They also provide little touches like a patient use flip/cell phone. Data is disabled as is txt/sms but anywhere else you would be up against a wall /pay phone. There you can take the phone back to your room and converse in private.

Their doc (and I'd assume their psych np) will also use every tool at his disposal to build a case to return you to the community or get you moving to the level of care needed. 

I think a lot of state and or corp facilities providing forced mental health car in this could learn a lot by studying CBHH Baxter's style.

 It really doesn't get more person centered or healing than they do it. 

If you are an employee of Baxter and reading this; 
Thank you



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