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Broken System Harms as much as it helps

 I like to be constructive. 

The issue I see with this system is a doc can make a claim to a judge. You can sue that doc, win and it still doesn't reverse the judges commitment decisions.

Perhaps a way to fix civil commitment from wrongful detainment and prosecution  would be to create legislative requirements and frameworks to fix this

And or reverse the decision Minnesota's supreme Court made about the lawyers board of professional responsibility having the power to call for another hearing for incompetent representation.

As it stands we pretty much have a lock in. I'm not saying every county in the state would abuse this but what I'm saying is we need systems that aren't vulnerable to this abuse.

Another Kind of Broke

There isn't enough capacity. This isn't my opinion. I've listened to every nurse, dr, worker etc who shared their thoughts on this system.

The system has huge backlogs that keep patients who need one level of care waiting at another.

Multiple people employed by this system also indicate it's common practice for facilities to over or under play a patients charts just to get the out the door.

Along with those comments also come a spooky :

"But the state just denies the issues. "

It may or may not be related but if I recall correctly the investigation into Dan Markingson s death hinted at system issues with not just psych studies at the u of m but the wider minnesota mental health system as well.

Yet Another broke

As I found out there's another issue. The county prosecutors can override drs decisions on the already commited. Which I personally think should be outlawed unless they want to bring criminal cases or criminal commitments. It's because the lawyer's at the county have the least contact with the person who's under their wrath and afaik supposed to be about healing a person not punishing. Ie they are the least qualified to make the decisions and when they do it starts to look and feel more like jail with a mental health costume stiched over the outside. 

A logical argument for why this is harm 

It has to do with habituation and or cordical thickening.

Excessive restrictions and care levels where a patient who could be caring for themselves has to ask for every beverage and prepared meal breaks the habits they need to survive on their own.

The longer this excessive care level is maintained the more these needed behaviors are lost.

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