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Chinese Reprograming Camps vs American Commitment

Minnesota's Security Hospital
100 Freeman Dr, St Peter, MN 
Irony in a street name.

It would seem if we want to differentiate US mental hospitals from Chinese detention camps; then the states have a lot of work to do in at least seven areas:

1) Creating objective standards for the diagnosis of mental illness. 

This is probably the biggest place we need to differentiate. Because if mental illness is subjective then we start risking locking people away for theirs or other people's opinions.

We also can't really claim to protect any speech let alone freedom of speech when all it takes is a doctor's subjective opinion to equal mental illness.

If a doctor says in his or her opinion you are a witch...

Better yet if the police break your arm but a doctor labels itself injurious behavior?

The standards need to include language that compels the doctor to seek out objective evidence.

Without this we risk punishing victims of trauma and abuse. 

Neither Court nor doctors should say that without seeing evidence and we currently have established a way for a doctor to not see evidence and then tell the court in their opinion ...

But it all goes under the guise of medical science and it's really sick. 

2) The quality of trial and standards of evidence to put someone in such a facility.

At the moment at least one harvard law grad and a few prominent rights groups describe what happens as a wink and nod between the Dr(s) and judge.

I like to point out that what's happening is blind trust of athority. Appeal to athority is a logical fallacy. Its a logical fallacy unless authority can back their argument. If the authority is simply saying look at my title and my opinion.. it's an invalid argument yet our courts seem to be increasingly be based on this.

If you look into forensic psychology it's even more gross.

Smartest doctor I've ever met said something along the lines of "I really hate forensic psychology"

This lawyer has pointed out that as far as involuntary commitments go:

3 ) lock in the issue and require an actual individualized treatment plan.

Right now in Minnesota they can commit you for the suspicion you might have an issue. They can then add to it and or change it throughout the entirety of the commitment. 

you get hit with what's called a Jarvis order for suspicion you might not take the medicine for the illness they suspect you have.

As far as therapy, it's really not happening in these places. See 4 for why it's so bad at the moment.

This is essential because as is they can extend the commitment for things they cause (like depression and or suicidal ideation)

4) The quality of programing/education and therapy given to Committed Patients..

One of my favorite nurses on this Force journey made a very poignant remark: 

"A middle schooler could correctly answer everything that we teach to you guys"

I like to describe it as a paraphrasing of No child Left behind. 

"No adult allowed ahead."

No seriously, many places base when you get out / if you get out on attendance of groups. Doesn't matter if you demonstrate a grip on it, could write a thesis on it or if they've given the group 3x. If we put it in terms of learning math. You could show the instructor how to do derivatives and or the mathematic proof of 2 + 2 = 4 but every day you have to show up in hear two plus two equals four.

even if it has nothing to do with what you're in there for

How is this not a reprogramming camp?

Person centered is a really dirty word but it's the one that used to describe it.

in my case the government also took my phone. I'm still locked out of my Facebook and all of the contacts I've made since I first had a cell phone. I still can't contact anyone I know. I had to buy another phone.

My public defender just simply says they're not going to give it back. Same with my laptop. But back on topic you're expected to go to classes about how to interact socially...

We helped someone take all of your kitchen stuff. Now you get graded on if you attend cooking class where we'll cook things that you could have made as an eighth grader. Oh when you get out you can work to buy that back again.

Oh surprise the medicine we had court ordered gives you a 2x increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

 Waterboarding would be more humane.

I was designing circuit boards, websites, programs and repairing personal electronics. Now my tools are crayons.

5) The criteria and frequency for reevaluating level of care an individual requires.

It's supposed to be against the law to hold anyone at a higher level of care than they require. But no one's holding the system to that.

The doctor I currently have says he views himself as a babysitter.

The county can override the doctor's decision. The most insane thing about that is there's little obligating the county workers to do their jobs either. You might as well be owned by the prosecuting party or county prosecutor at that point.

You're basically stuck until they're okay with you leaving. Which means the person you only see once in court is really who's responsible for 6 months to something like 2 years maximum of your life.

6) Require Personality Inventories For All staff to weed out those looking for power over people/patients (or who would be abusive to...)

There is always a way around the rules or to punish those you have power over.  Hiring people with the intelligence and personalities to recognize what professionalism is their place and their context of their patient interactions is probably the best way to prevent abuse of power and or abuse of patients.

the current system allows any staff personally slighted , offended, with a nitt to pick, or just that sort of power hungry and twisted to take it out on a client.

Practical example of how one might do this is it's really easy to write that suggesting a change was disrupting a group or harassing staff.

We shouldn't have systems that just trust that they want to do that especially without psychological screening to try to ensure we hire people that wouldn't do that.

It's currently a system where the staff of any level have almost all of the Power and trust From the moment you're brought in on hold.

Especially in psychiatry and psychology applications or contacts this is unacceptable. That's the field that has or has developed the tools to do better and yet they're not using them on themselves.

A related tangent worth considering... Humans have usually figured out a way to weaponize almost every technological advancement and or tool we've ever made.

What makes you think psychology is any different?

7) The State should be required to maintain whatever level of life they took you away from. 

The part you don't realize until you're here..
Everything you own is that Jeopardy unless you can pay to store it for the maximum length of time you can be committed.

In other words in Minnesota it's not worth spending money on any property 
unless you can afford to store/make payments on it for 2 years without any income. At least as long as hearsay retold by a doctor can put you away.

Don't count on a chance to sell it either. Don't even count on access to your bank account. How many accounts would you be locked out of if the police held your phone while you were held?

We've literally destroyed any reason to buy personal property or real property by doing this.

This is a sick form of government and grotesque application of the medical field.

Basically Someone claims you're a witch so we take your evidence that you're not a witch and put at Jeopardy everything you've ever worked for.

 but in the meantime enjoy 6 months to 2 years of mandatory lectures that 1 + 1 = 2 and you have to work for things.

Meanwhile expect that jokes that would go over well in a PG movie may get you in trouble in here.

A difference in reason?
I'm not so sure. Mn seems to have come to the conclusion that you are didn't competent if you disagree with the definition of words or laws.

Which in my case gets pretty scary. I can argue with police reports recorded phone calls, text message logs and videos, likely including some CCTV footage that two parties were driving 60 MI to terrorize me. I can prove that every time I went near them I was invited to their house. Yet after commitment I was deemed incompetent for disagreeing with the definition of stalking.

Minnesota has one-sided restraining orders known as orders for protection. It's pretty much first come first serve justice. Worse yet there's likely funding in it for the state for enforcing male vs female violation.

On this very site I asked a question what do they do if you found to have violated? Well apparently it's charge you with felony stocking.

but let's get this straight this is something you go to civil court to apply for. It passes pretty much unanimously whether you're there or not.

and it's one-sided. If you seat out in a FP against someone you can still continue to go near them and call them.

The person being the stalker only has to answer your phone call.

Minnesota is using Chinese tactics. Although it's not so much the Chinese as it is orwellian. Double speakers the idea. It's also got elements of Edward Bernays in it. Emotional sale of ideas.

the victim is defined as whoever made it to civil court first.

There's money from the federal government to the state government for enforcing these policies in a gender discriminatory way

And we're using it to lock people up without a trial.

In Closing 

Untill states that utilize civil commitments raise the bar I don't think we should be criticizing the Chinese.

It's hard to make an apples to apples comparison but I don't think that's a very moral way to be.

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