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Conflicting diagnosis and or symptoms

 Managing tangential thoughts and working on insight...

Either one alone would probably be ok.

When they won't specify what one lacks insight in and also judge what's on and off topic?

Is it more likely it's someone having already decided what answers they want to hear 

Or someone truly looking to help someone else connect trauma laced dots back into coherent thought?

What I'm trying to say here is I'm not sure how one can judge what's tangential, and or delusion with out evaluation and judgement of the truth values of parts of the claims. But when one obsecures this and constantly uses the blanket claim that the patient lacks insight into their ambiguous issues..

It's insanity producing.

I take responsibility for what I said. I can't seem to stress that enough. Also, actions and many of them illegal were done to me. When we strip freedom and property for words in response to actions..

They have outright linked reason to hold things said to someone who tried to push me over a railing, slammed a car door on me, uses false police reports and treats of more to coerce labor while holding and or destroying 40k of my assets.

I don't just claim that. I can show that with recordings, text messages and police reports.

I've also said hey I could see how seeing a dr would have helped. I used to get 7 alazarpam a month and if I had that during the crisis I might not have said what I said in heated moments.

But it's kinda hard to argue someone needs to go to a dr when the police help enforce you clean this

Including the remains of a beloved pet.

Oh and btw what we give you back of your things will also be your responsibility to clean our mold problem off of.

Or lose everything yours.

Also of note:

There's almost no to actually no talk therapy in here. This is decided during brief interactions and or team meetings.

I think it's kinda sick.

A nurse i really respected said it pretty well with something along the lines of:

I think it's rediculous how they evaluate you based on what you show only in the moments they look. Feel on command.

In other news:

Also there is now a claim I was given a second room key. 

No I was not.

I had one. It broke. Another patient threw it away by mistake and told staff that.

Hey though once you get a delusional label ... I guess it's cart blanche? 

Speaking of tangential... I was watching one of the Chuckie movies at Baxter.. when the dr of the fictional mental ward tried to work the girls mind over I got sick to my stomach and left the room.

But hey I show limited to no insight into my issues and triggers right?


Waterboarding to coerce confession would be more humane than the Minnesota Justice and mental health system.

No seriously the drugs they can court order on no evidence ... 2x increase risk of cardiac arrest.

Permanent movement and tick disorders. (See:tardive dyskinesia)

Increased risk of diabetes.

But see that's just the gateway to more drugs. Drugs for the symptoms.

Rx drugs for most and massive profits for some.

Democracy at its finest 


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