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Dr Jon C Bowar M.D.

Some say St Clouds Dr Jon C Bowar is a board certified psychiatrist and licensed to practice medicine. Other say it seems M.D. Bowar may be an elite proctologist in search of his own head. 
 Dr Jon C Bowar MD (NPI 1992755052) May be licensed to practice psychiatry and medicine but I'd say he definitely needs more practice. Jon's residency was either at the mayo or in a jar of mayo. (The jurry is still out). Though we can be pretty sure his undergrad was a minor in consumption at the University of wi. 

Reviewing: Dr Jon C Bowar
Date published: 08/1/2021
Rating: 1 / 5 stars

My experience with Dr Jon Bowar leaves me wondering if M.D. possibly stands for something else.

CentraCares Dr Bowar 1992755052
Dr Jon C Bowar M.D. current practice / nest is 1406 6th Ave N, St Cloud, MN 56303

my experience and others has it this duck is actually a better listener than Dr Jon C Bowar. The lost head theory might offer some insight into why Jon C Bowar has such selective hearing. After all sound is air pressure waves and when ones ears are squeezed tightly by their rectum... Jon Bowar's caloric efficiency is likely improved by this configuration though.

It seemed many days Dr Bowar was striving for a bedside manner that took "the" out of "therapist" (in a metaphorical sense not literally). perhaps that's one of my delusions as well. It's entirely possible he's actually aiming for a dually hyphenated parsing of "psychotherapist."

 another minnesota provider also reports Jon C Bowar spells Bowar incorrectly. I happen to think the name Jon could use some work as well.(I might be personally biased) 

Dr Bowar ratings

The worst part about centracare's Dr Jon Bowar. is he has a likeable first impression.

You might see the holes his bed side image when you wake up mid conversation (because he came in while you were asleep). I guess while at mallard duck School it's hard to develop a concept for bed side manor in a medical context. Like to the extent I wonder if dr Bowar's residency was at mayo or in a jar of it.

I wouldnt be surprised to hear dr bowar also moonlights at the local imax theater. He sits in the back and envisions himself on the screen. I've heard with recent upgrades he can do it in 8k resolution but his context switch sticks some times on returning to St cloud CentraCare hospital.

As time went on I noticed Dr Jon Bowar almost entirely asked loaded questions. He had this way if only listening to the parts he wants and or prompt untill he gets the answer he wants.

Dr Jon Bowar M.D.other patient reviews
Under Dr. Jon Bowars wing: God help you is an understatement.

But hey at nearly half a million a year... It's a sick gig. 
(Sick in the way that I can say even if they offered me half a million a year to do John Carlos Bowar's dr strange love psychotic impression of a proctologist who lost his head; I'd walk away from it)

Actually centracare's Bowar makes  over half a million(some years)  according to this

It was also general ward consensus that Dr Jon Bowar outright messes with people. Aka tries to trigger them. He's also a bit of a zelot with 72 hrs holds and seems to think he's on some righteous plight. Dr Bowar often told me "I think I'm saving you from future legal trouble."

Some of the reviews on here: point to some of what I've said as well.

Apparently they commit 75% of the people that pass through CentraCares adult mental health unit

My personal experiences they got my age wrong, my employment history wrong, refuse to listen or even acknowledge that I had recordings police reports and medical records that contradicted their claims.

I watched another patient get a stay of commitment only for dr Bower to do everything in his power to piss the guy off untill he verbally flew off the handle. Then of course dr coward threw him on another 72hr hold.

While I was held at st cloud hospital I also came to find out a few  patients weren't first timers. More than one or them had the opinion that:

 Dr Jon C Bowar had grown power hungry over the years.

of course it's entirely possible he was from the start.

 I was careful to try to avoid leading the / the types of bait he seems to employ. 

Other than the occasional online roast...(and especially of someone making half a million a year for detaining people and treating them like shit) I don't like being spoon fed my own bullshit in the form of someone elses answer.

Speaking of shit; it was really strange... I wanted the definition of "stool" so I opened centracare's ward dictionary. Odd place to find Dr Jon Bowar written.

From what I saw it fits / dr jon Bowar was a brown stain on CentraCares ability to provide meaningful help to patients. Which is a shame because a lot of the staff at that facility are intelegent, educated and caring people who want to help patients.

Their ward director also goes by the theory "once a nurse always a nurse" and I want to believe him.

That might also be part of the issue depending on how much of a good ole boy Dr Bowar sees himself as and or the power structure

I did see a few people improve under his care. But I also watched him do some downright disturbing and unethical things while held. In my opinion he's harming as many people as he helps. That's probably being generous/over accounting for the expertise his title gives him.


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