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Dr Ted Matzen

 This is another one if those rare posts about the positives and good in this system.

I've now had 3 psych providers by force. 

It dawned on me today that what really separates Dr Matzen from the other two is three things.

He was one of the most soft-spoken providers I've ever encountered. He lacks any presumptuous attitude.

He listens more than he speaks. and I know this to be true not only of my time with him but his time with others as well. Most of the meetings were held in a room with Windows. I like to walk up and down the ward for exercise and to kill time. Observed him with other patients. The look on his face is always engaged friendly and curious.

The third is his depth of knowledge. But not just that; he hasn't stopped learning. A few times that I requested to talk to him I was told that he'll be with me in x minutes because he's researching something reading a journal article etc. When I mentioned to him that the dermatologist diagnosis that I have is likely fungal he actually came back on his own accord a few weeks later and said I looked it up and you were absolutely correct. I didn't have to bug him to do that he puts in the time to do his homework. He betters himself to better help his patients.

As a bonus Dr Matzen is also incredibly funny at times. At one point he asked me to explain something I had said about my mother. He happened to have a shadow with him that week. That shadow was a nurse practitioner training to fill a role similar to his somewhere else someday. My mom happens to be a nurse practitioner. He looked at his shadow and said 

" do you see (name) not all nurse practitioners are as well behaved as you."

It's probably implies that she wasn't lol. but for as shitty as this situation was and still is ; it's one of the funniest things I've heard.

Doctor if you happen to be reading this. Thank you! Also I'm still looking for those asian youth.

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