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Elements of terror

I'm still alive. So it's obviously not an apple to apples comparison.

It still feels a bit cards against humanity (metaphorical reference)

At the same time I've been physically abused emotionally put through a ringer

Only to be SWAT teamed have my words twisted and be held for 168 days

For things that as far as the original trial goes or hearing for commitment every claim made I could present evidence to the contrary. The police raid and centracare's policies combined with abysmal performance of a public pretender who didn't want once cross-examine or submit documents furnished to her...

Being detained for words said over already traumatic events is not ok.


I'm sure the guy who got brought back to Dahmer had it worse but it wasn't 160 some days with the possibility of 6 to 12 more months

I just talked to the ombudsman

I don't think it's very likely that's going to happen but at this point nothing would surprise me


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