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Forensic debunking

Another list of resources I might make into a page later. 

Work in progress. News flash it's primarly things I agree with. Let me have one of the computers I paid for back and I'll make a more two sided reference with a proper input device/the right tools for analyzing and conveying large amounts of data 

Researchers at ASU, Vanderbilt University, UC Hastings and Pennsylvania State University collaborated on the study. The team debunked several popular tools psychologists use in court but also found many of these inaccurate methods were frequently utilized by specialists.


The study found that long-discredited methods are still commonly used by psychologists in court. Some experts even reported abandoning established methods altogether and using only their personal intuition to make a decision. 
Mental health evaluations can happen in court for numerous reasons. Those include verifying an insanity claim, evaluating someone’s ability to represent themselves or determining someone’s competence. 


Neal and her fellow researchers found that lawyers and judges are not adequately challenging the credibility of the evidence presented. 

The problem with the opinion

 the ones giving just their opinion, is it undermines the nature of expert and demonstrates a very old logical fallacy. The reason I say it undermines expert is well what would the statistics say how many people released after treatment have gone on to do whatever the expert was worried they might do? what's the percentage rate of people that do versus dog if you don't have that data are you an expert in taking away people's freedom or are you an expert in actual forensic psychology? Or are you just giving an opinion that takes away people's freedom for alleged thought crimes? and basing it on because I said so which hits the logical fallacy of appeal to authority?

my case is kind of interesting here because I have no history of assault or aggressive or abusive behavior me towards others. 33 years. Don't get me wrong I've been in some arguments. I've set things I wish I could take back said things I'm sorry for but I haven't done anything to anyone

Minnesota one ups this insanity. 

Lawyers will tell you well it's so rare someone's found incompetent there's nothing I can do for you. Or doctors will say it's rare that this is happened to a person. but in both systems we know false positives exist. People have been sent to death row or actually executed and later found innocent. statistics for how many people encounter something or how many people get stuck in something are not adequate for whether or not someone should defend them. 

Actually a doctor I trust and after my eval came back I believe the words were something along the lines of 

"this is why I hate forensic psychology"

the other way they want up it is I believe because an ofp was involved or because claims of a violation were involved you're not allowed to know your own results. Any of the specifics of them anyway.

It's like loophole after loophole to prevent you from having anything that you can argue against. Or to prevent the case from happening whatsoever. What won't be prevented is further detainment. 


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