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Recollections of SWAT. More precisely FBI, ATF and St Cloud Police.

Feb 10 2021 

This story starts as I exited my apt unit about noon on the date above.

 I didn't bother locking the door. Go back a few posts on this blog and there's a video of the lever failing and resulting hole in the door on gaining entry. The apt wasn't doing repairs due to covid. It was on my list of things to fix as I prepared to move. I digress. 

Shade in the Hallway

Walking into the hallway/out of my unit; I noticed motion on my right. A person did a 360 and ducked into a doorway. 

I know one of my neighbors had three seemingly teenage sons. In my mind I wrote it off as one of them forgot something as they were also exiting their apt.

Oh how wrong I was.

I was intending to get lunch and made my way to the garage. I wrote a blog entry siting in the car in the garage.

 if only I had known I was making myself late for my own party. The police report says something like suspect blogged for an hour in his garage.

I put the car in reverse, pulled out of the garage and realized the garage door wouldn't shut.

I sort of recalled having tapped the lock button by mistake the day before. By the lock button I mean on the wired garage door button(by the door to the apt hallway) aka the button that disables the remote. Fat thumbs are a real issue. 

It was also -20 degrees F / 28.8 ish C so rather than walking in the cold I took one last crack at shutting the door with the remote. I did so by standing car door open, one leg in the car and one on the ground, hand on the roof of the car pointing the remote. I had done a bit of a reverse l on backing out. Or in other words backed up and then put myself perpendicular to the garage door to not block the entire driveway. File under things done in vein.

So I'm standing there half in half out of the car, still in the parking lot of my apartment building...

And a st cloud Police squad rolls up and parked between the two buildings. He was probably 15 ft from my car. My garage was the last on the end of the building.

I wasn't sure it was for me.

 This was kinda a regular occurrence at park place apts st cloud mn. That and people looting any car with the misfortune of an open window or unlocked door. 

 A few months before police were even asking passer bus for help getting into the other building. 

As I was going to step out and head toward the garage (to shut the door and run back under it)

the squad flashed it's lights.

With in a few seconds there was an armored vehicle and police with what appeared to be ar15s trained on me. I'm not a weapons expert I know very little in that category. But there were butt stocks and they appeared to be assault rifles. There was also at least 3 in front and some amount behind me. 

They hit like a title wave.


Me (complying) "Don't shoot! I'm unarmed"

In hind sight I wish I had managed: "Trigger educate gentleman"

(I joke but it was actually the most terrifying experience of my life)(actually close second to the loss of Bonnie and Clyde rabbits.)



(it was my garage door opener)


(In my mind I was recalling a blog post where I had lamented the labor coerced by paul Wuethrich under various threats... and perhaps shouldn't have written about how that gave me an insight to how much space was in between the aluminum of a Ford Taurus door frame and the inner shell of the interior trim. No idea if that's why they were so concerned about what was in my hand or approaching the car but I have a hunch... And yet they say I let him say that's why I'm here.)

I again complied and sent the garage door opener skating across the icy pavement. The same pavement that my nose was also pressed to.

They would later claim I had minor burns on my face... Gee. Wonder.

I then proceeded to crawl roughly 15 ft to the assault rifle wielding police in front of me. 

I can't say who was who but officially the party's involved with the FBI the ATF and St cloud Police.

I've been in custody ever since. 

What happened next? 

As I sat in the back of a squad in hand cuffs there were several questions about:

"are we going to find anything in your apartment that will hurt us? "

"Are my guys in any risk?"

 To which I repeatedly answered

" no there's nothing that I wrote about in there."
I tried to make eye contact to reassure them. It was and is the truth.

 I just wrote a blog.

I then asked if they could make sure the freezer remain plugged in as my rabbit friend Clyde was still in there.

A uniformed officer in a marked squad took me to CentraCare hospital St cloud. 

If you dig on this blog I repeatedly pointed out how in Maple Grove when I was placed under 72-hour hold... that part of the law was violated as well.

I asked the officer's one question while ridding hand cuffed in the back 

"Are you guys union?"

"You're a smart man John" was the response. 

Whether or not that had anything to do with it it's hard to say. It's definitely a deflection in an answer. That said if we're taking people in for eval holds and psych evals I would think ethics should dictate any attempt to mess with them while doing that would be unethical. Of course that's just my opinion everyone's entitled to one.

2-3 days in central care hospitals cave of an ER.

Funny how you can SWAT team someone and call them paranoid 30 minutes later. I was going to get lunch. On my agenda that day was looked for another apartment, continue repairing some of the damage I had done to that unit. Continue preparing to move.

They were posts on here that should have indicated that as well. Like where I talk about my needs. The stimulus check had enabled the move. apt had  demanded to move I was doing what I had to do.

Police evaluation hold

See man held for wind burn caused by neg 20 dey weather and already diagnosed fungal scalp condition. But sprinkle claims of paranoid thought on top.

I'll post the records from the hospitpal at some point.

 The long and short of it is I was placed under 72 hour hold for asking when the police eval hold ends.

The regional ombudsman informs me that this probably wasn't legal. 

The judge doesn't seem to have any concern.

The 72 hour hold then turned into a court hold. Because of the raid the police had my phone and the way it was executed I never got to return to my apartment I never had access to any of my contacts. I had my debit card in my pocket, my driver's license and cell phone were on the council of the car.

I still to this day haven't seen the search warrant.

It only gets more insane from here.

When I met the doctor who ran the mental ward( a day or two later ) he said

 "the FBI and ATF rated your apartment they've asked me to keep you here as long as possible because they think you're making bombs"

I've said from the start even to the police there was nothing in there that would hurt them/that's not what I'm doing and I told him this as well.

I had a feeling I things weren't going to go very well when about 10 days later the doctor is informed me he started the petition for commitment. 

As close to verbatim as I can recall it

"The FBI has cleared you about bomb making and weapons charges but I think it's a new America and you can't say the sort of things you said on your blog."

I'll fill in more later. 

Continued here: mistreatment at CentraCare 

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