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How to Have Assets in MN & Freedom in MN

In my experience the police refused to investigate even the recorded admission of theft of a felony amount from my garage .

This post could have easily been called "reasons to leave MN" or "Reasons not to move to Minnesota"

They did ask if I had renters insurance to cover it 

They will raid you on hearsay and doctors can put you away for up to 2 years on nothing but the same

If you want to buy or own property in mn, in my experience you need the following

Be able to maintain renters insurance, be able to pay someone to pick it up and store it for you if the state decides to put you away on hearsay for 6 mo to 2 years.

What's more disturbing. There are ways to sue after you get out.

How many minnesotans do you think have the money to do that? I mean what percentage after 2 years without income would be able to get out and hire a lawyer?

It's almost like somebody figured out if we impoverish people we do this to... We can eliminate x percent of them from seeking compensation. Because only white percent will be able to afford it with what was done to them.

Plus those lovely things like statues of limitations. AKA it's not like you have a decade to work yourself back up.

Minnesota also has civil asset forfeiture. me too the police can without a warrant to take anything from you claim it was used in a crime and you have to go to court to get it back.

So the equation for investing/owning anything in mn is 

5 to 10k for the lawyer + monthly insurance + storage and transport to storage

 = something you might keep to use or sell again.

It's hard to conclude this is anything except a police state.

What about the lawyer you are assigned if you are charged with a crime?

Mine has refused to answer even a quarter page fax requesting at his convience id like to know the process required to request my things back.

So essentially plan on having to be able to afford to hire one. 

Remember: in mn public defender's are not responsible to the lawyers board of professional responsibility. 

In the two I've encountered it seems to show.

Police state?

Worse yet mn law for when a medical professional or police officer may deem you fit for detention is somewhat dependent on assets 

Ie include in the language of the bill is inability to obtain nessisary food clothing or shelter.

Yet our domestic violence policies make it regular practice to separate someone from everything they own.

Doing so on the claim of even a loud argument.

We've created quite the loophole when police can first take what you need to not meet the definition of who can be detained...

And then detain you.

Minnesota should really know better. Fire call correctly the novel until they bring the streetcars back.. we started with police who would beat workers on strike.

now we have police that can take everything you work for and then detain you for not having it.


but hey if you want your freedom you can work for all that stuff again right? 

How close to your definition of slavery are we getting?

I guess another poignant question would be how much does it cost to move away? how can you guarantee that even if you work to do that you can hang on to the funds required?

did you know that cash on you can be seized as an asset by an officer simply claiming we thought it was involved in a crime?

There's some serious irony in British person reminding us of this. (See the Fourth amendment and why it was written. Looking at whats happened to it might be the of interest as well)

Worse Yet

In April 2020 I had about three grand worth of assets stolen from my garage. The police asked why I don't have renters insurance.

when I managed to confession from those who did it I was told I need my head examined when I asked to have it added to the police report.

That's felony theft. Ignored instead suggesting that you might need a 72-hour hold or police eval hold.

To further enlighten you: anyone committed is a $1,500 a day revenue stream to the county they're held in or committed in.


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