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If Minnesota Wants to Protect Adults Its Making Vulnerable

 Technically Minnesota deems adults vulnerable. I'm kind of making play on words here though because of the justice system and the doctors aren't held to high standards then one could easily argue they made you vulnerable instead of found you vulnerable.

If it wanted to do this then all conversations between medical professionals and patient on any type of Peace officer hold, Court hold etc would be audio recorded and or video recorded.

The relevant takeaway from this (the link) is Minnesota's  legal system has began to realize that the doctors it's entrusted can be less than scrupulous.

Which might in and of itself be a pass the buck/blame game. 

But what can avoid both is creating a hard record of what was said to the patient said to the doctor.

The idea shouldn't be record just the police. 

It should be that people placed in positions of power over others should be more accountable for their words and actions than regular citizens. Esp those granted the power to detain raid and or administer drugs with out consent. 

The problem is they trade you into a facility possibly in my case after the police have taken your ability to contact anybody via Taking your cell phone and then you're at the mercy of a potentially private organization. There's tons of liability on letting you go there's little in the form of patient advocacy or even guaranteed ability to get anything but the court appointed attorney.

Then in court to becomes your word against the doctors. If your court appointed even provides you the chance to advocate for yourself or to counter the arguments made in a proper cross examination. Mine didn't

What did happen was the doctor of the adult mental health unit at CentraCare told me the FBI thinks you're making bombs and has asked me to hold you as long as possible. Then about 10 days after he tells me the FBI is cleared you of all bombing weapons charges but I think it's a new America and you can't say what you did on your blog.

But it's his word against mine and who has the authority?

Who has the court recognized expertise?

Who can just just diagnosed anything to meet the standards to hold you?

I think another possible counter to this would be required court appointed lawyers to be doctor lawyers.

but I don't think that's going to fix anything until Minnesota holds them accountable to the same review board that a paid for lawyer is.

What happens is they give you usually the most Junior of whatever law firm the county has contracted with. If you read about lawyers careers not just me but most of what I've read out there says the first part of their career is about building relations with judges. In other words they're not likely to challenge the status quo. They can't be the fierce advocate that Minnesota law has tried to specify is required in these cases it's at odds with building that relation with the judge.

so in other words you can end up with someone who doesn't represent you because it furthers their career not to

And in Minnesota you have no one to complain to about it except the original judge 

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