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90% Of Judges That Violate Oath &/Or Rights Keep Their Job. If Only They Looked @ MN Civil & Family Court

9 out of 10 judges who broke laws or violated rights in sentencing still have a job.

In MN we've made legal decisions that compound this problem. 

A big one that comes to mind is if you have a public defender you lose the ability for the lawyers Board of professional responsibility to evaluate and order a retrial.

I know because I tried this. If you click here you can read the response letter.

Consider the following: 

If the judge that sentences you has little to no fear of negative consequence for violating your rights or their oath and is the only jude that can decide to give you a retrial

How likely are you to get that retrial?

How likely is it lawful Justice will be served?

How likely is it that a system operating like this can put people away simply to protect its power or the status quo?

How likely is it you can put someone away to cover liability the state would otherwise face?

How likely is it rights and laws are respected when certain methods of putting someone away generate revenue streams up to $1,500 a day for the county?

(See mental health care parity act and office of violence against women Fedral grants)


How corruption and or impartial courts deny human rights 

Back to MN

(Note I'm only suggesting this creates a financial incentive to enforcement bias and inequality in enforcement is likely due to that. I am not saying every case is driven by this I'm saying history shows when we have things where it's paper play poor Justice )(also this is kind of a new twist on inequality by providing financial incentive for enforcing for one side not the other. All that's if I understand it correctly if I've mistaken it I would love if someone could correct it for me) (I think policing for revenue is about as sick as it gets though)

MN also has its own murmurs of corruption in the court system see:

Minnesota has also gotten rid of rights for people with public defender's. 

Preponderance and Silence: when the court appointed tells you not to speak at the trial then doesn't cross examine or submit exhibits furnished 

While not quite as bad as the lady in the first link above; 

my name is John Wuethrich

 I'm currently serving day 157.

 (After being intercepted by a swatt team while leaving my apt to get lunch they found nothing and used civil commitment instead. Basically commited for some phone calls to people who I have recorded admission of felony level theft of my property, one of which has told me 2x he thinks he owns me, both have been physically and emotionally abusive. One tried to push me over the railing when I was renting a room in their house)

 from the way it's looking I will serve over a year in confinement. Despite no bad behavior, no demonstrations of the behavior they used to claim I'm delusional and dangerous. Despite evidence in the form of recordings and medical records to suggest I'm not delusional.I've written the original judge three times pointing this out and asking for a retrial.

 It always comes back: denied.


I'm here for writing this blog and more officially yelling at parents who were abusive( physically and mentally) and used threats and felony level theft to coerce dangerous labor.

Potentially 6 mo left to go as well. Ie over 365 days.

For words.

I would never expect to see it admitted; But I wouldn't doubt some of it's for words against the legal system and pointing out how flawed the laws are. Some words were against the police as well.

The police were assisting in doing things that likely violate mn law. Aka actions that endangered my physical health and mental well-being.

Court also harped a lot on my pointing out the cost of a gun vs a civil lawyer. I was suggesting a possible reason we see so much violence. It was never my intent to partake.

If read in detail I also was looking at what the purpose of the legal system is or law is in society.

Pointing out that if the system is designed right there should be less animosity and less violence because Justice is served.

This is going to be hard as hell to recover from as is. Go ahead extend my sentence for talking about it. 

Proposed Solution

Perhaps a lucrative (for counties) half step would be require offenders use the inflatable gavel shown above. 
Then counties could always rake in the fines for holding citizens in contempt when the gavel squeeks on slam (and or subsequent giggles)

Or label them delusional claiming the gavel doesn't squeak.

The court wouldn't be lit by gas either. Clearly it's LED

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