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Insurance pays for things patients are denied, care provided lacks consistency individuality and purpose

 A great example of this is snacks at mshs wadena.

Miss the unannounced 30min window? Welp no snack for you. Guess where the funds came from to buy them though?

I have a multivitamin that was my request and coming from my insurance. Nothing is over the counter here, how they put it into their computer (EMRS/eyes/Avatar) dictates how often and sometimes when you take it. Things can be set to a PRN but whoever entering them and whoever wrote them has the control over that.

My multivitamin was scheduled for morning. One morning I was getting chewed out for not having taken it and told I'll have to wait for tomorrow. I asked should I call my insurance company and let them know your billing them for something you're refusing me? And all of a sudden the attitude changed. 

There was one helpful staff member (a few days later) said " hey we can put this into the computer as night time without having to call anybody to change that"

Patient last if considered at all

Here's a brilliant demo of a deeper issue though.

The probiotic I requested at Baxter isn't carried here. But it is entered into the computer as I'm supposed to have it and morning.

The nurse who flipped the am vitamins to pm left the probiotic. So then the next day I'm still woken by another nurse who hasn't checked if they have it or not but Is calling my vitiman(otc for 33 years ) a scheduled med I need to come take . I told her no we flipped it to pm and rolled back over to go back to bed. She comes back and tells me that I need to come take the probiotic still. Aka the med they don't have here/ I can not take cause they don't stalk it.

Yeah no ... You read that correctly.

Care is far from personalized here .

the problem is it claims to be one aimed at putting people back in the community. But neither Baxter nor CentraCare had personal therapy sessions as a daily thing at Baxter you could request them and maybe if they had time somebody could talk to you but all of the curriculum through all of this has been one size fits allthere's a lot of scientific evidence that indicates meds can actually make things worse in long-term outcomes. I've also been talking quite a few times about how we've lowered the bar to essentially nothing for what can make them request that your medicated. So if we're doing things that can potentially cause long-term harm but the advertise goal is we're healing people then what the f*** are we doing?

this is supposed to be a step down from Baxter which I was more held at due to court issues. When I got to Baxter the doctor the first day he met with me told me he doesn't think I need to be there. But the county has the ability to override and certain things ordered can slow down their ability to transfer you or remove it entirely. The county told Baxter if for the next step they put me anywhere unlocked I'd simply be arrested and thrown back in the facility like baxter. But the point I wanted to make Baxter had things like showers available 24/7.

the point of Wadena is supposed to be re-enabling people to live in the community. Yet their staff so poorly that after 10:00 p.m. you can't use the shower. Same goes for laundry where Baxter you could do laundry all night.

you commit the argument that yeah you should have a schedule or you should be whatever but it's not realistic. Some people work nights. Some people just gravitate towards nights. If I have a job to be at I'll be there during the day but these programs these groups it probably could have answered these questions in 5th grade if not earlier. Staff members have commented that their middle schoolers could answer all of these questions raised by any of the groups.

What I think starts to be defined is just jail or prison disguised as healthcare. There are some people who need to be here but I'm not sure we're helping them in the way we stay. There's no class on budgeting there's no help with job placement. Keep in mind where I'm at now is supposed to be to get you back in the community. But yet as I mentioned in other posts they can take you out of the community for whatever reason they want even if you can prove their reasons were false you'll still have to go through all these steps to get back. Which I believe further is the argument that what we have established is jail thinly veiled as healthcare.

Consider this. we have to lock you up because you have the mental illness, what mental illness and why we say you have the mental illness that doesn't really matter but we have to lock you up. This is not Justice and if it's not really helping if it's not methods that science points to is actually helping people then we shouldn't have low criteria or long-terms like this

it's a pointed out you can literally be here for what's done to you. I'm here for the things I said in response. that doesn't change the argument much though as I've said it before you can be down at the bottom of thewell in the movie The Silence of the lambs who's more likely to be able to report to concern? the person telling you to put the lotion on your skin or you stuck in the bottom of the well? You don't know just climb the ladder and go say hey? Or would they have a head start anyway?

There's something like 3 groups a day here with them lasting anything from 45 to 15min. Otherwise it might as well be jail.

They collect 1500 usd USD day per patient. 

I think things like the snacks could also be explained by staff not wanting to have to do anything more than required. Aka if you only offer it between this window you don't need a list to track who has had it and avoid giving out more than budget allows to anyone who would try to take more than their share.

The sad thing is it's kinda a patient last system. You also have to ask for things you are expected to do .aka the cleaner for the shower. It's nothing like independence. Usually the logical place to keep bathroom cleaner would he the bathroom. Here you have to track down one of two to 3 staff members on the floor request it and wait 

IMHO This isn't rehabilitation.. it's for most intents and purposes liability mitigation and jail labeled health care. 

I'm not even trying to say it's lazyness

Ive had a partial edu in biz and read quite a bit on my own. What I'm seeing in my opinion is most of these orginizations have a culture that does not seem to have integrated org culture and org goals with mission statement and patient priorities in mind.

Cbhh Baxter is the one exception I've seen. CentraCare St cloud and MSHS wadena are chaos from the perspective of a patient trying to meet their needs with in the system.

I'll try to expand on that later. I'm trying to get out a few things that have been on my mind but most of what I've seen in this system points to Minnesota seems to have figured a very clever way to get paid per prisoner.

I've mentioned it elsewhere but that way is the mental health care parity act.


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